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All of europe rain was caused by a secret weapon!

Europe floods: why has the rain been so intense?

Thinking logically: we know for sure that United States and CHINA have the technology to change the weather. So the chances that other governments near Europe have and use this new technology are very high,

Cloud seeding is a common technique to enhance precipitation. Cloud seeding entails spraying small particles, such as silver iodide onto clouds in order to affect their development, usually with the goal of increasing precipitation. Cloud seeding only works to the extent that there is already water vapor present in the air. Critics generally contend that claimed successes occur in conditions which were going to lead to rain anyway. It is used in a variety of drought-prone countries, including the United States, the People's Republic of China, India, and the Russian Federation. In the People's Republic of China there is a perceived dependency upon it in dry regions, and there is a strong suspicion it is used to "wash the air" in dry and heavily polluted places, such as Beijing. In mountainous areas of the United States such as the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevada, cloud seeding has been employed since the 1950s.

Flash floods have hit parts of Europe in the last few months, leaving at least 15 people dead and more still missing.Germany, France and Austria have been worst affected, with torrents of water flooding homes and businesses, damaging transport infrastructure and leaving thousands without power.

France has been particularly badly affected, with river levels in Paris rising to levels not seen since the massive flood that hit the city back in 1910.

Meteo France, the country’s national weather service, has issued its highest level red warning for flooding in the north of the country.

Heavy, thundery downpours of rain at not unusual across Europe during late spring and summer, so what has made this rainfall and subsequent flooding so intense?

Low pressure

Since the weekend, there has been low pressure across much of central and western Europe, which has low_pressure_MO_wpmade the air very unstable and prone to rising and forming clouds and rain.

Normally areas of low pressure move through on the jet stream, but this one has become detached from the jet stream and has become very slow-moving, affecting the same areas for days on end.

With plenty of potential energy in the air and some heating from the strong sun, heavy downpours and severe thunderstorms have been intense and widespread.

Moist, humid air

As well as low pressure, the wind coming from the south has dragged up very warm, moist and humid air humid air the Mediterranean.

Moist, humid air has been a large contributor to the intense rain and floods, because it acts as fuel for the atmosphere – supplying a huge amount of energy on which storm clouds thrive.

For as long as the moist, humid air is present, the potential for thunderstorms  and rain will continue.

Prolonged rainfall

As mentioned already, the area of low pressure has been very slow-moving, which has meant that the same places have been prone to seeing stormy weather for prolonged periods of time.

With the presence of no or very little wind, severe thunderstorms have lingered over particular regions, dumping torrential rain in the same place, rather than over a more widespread area.

It’s the persistence of this intense rainfall that has subsequently overwhelmed drainage and river systems, leading to flash flooding.

Severe thunderstorms and lightning
Much of the intense rainfall has been generated from severe thunderstorms that have been widespread across Europe since the last months

In fact in the last five days, up until the end of 14 June, there have been an estimated 1.4 million lightning strikes across Europe, according to the website so very interesting,,,

In the military

In "Benign Weather Modification" published March 1997, Air Force Major Barry B. Coble superficially documents the existence of weather modification science where he traces the developments that have occurred, notably, in the hands of the Pentagon and CIA’s staunchest ideological enemies.

The first scientifically controlled and monitored effort generally recognized by the meteorological community as constituting weather modification occurred in 1948. When Dr. Irving Langmuir first experimented with artificially seeding clouds in order to produce rain, his experiments showed positive results - sparking tremendous interest in the field nearly overnight.
Many countries throughout the world practice weather modification. The Russians have long been interested in using weather modification as a way to control hail.
The Chinese recognize the value of weather modification and believe that the US military continues to use weather as a weapon.

In the 1990s a directive from the chief of staff of the Air Force Ronald R. Fogleman was issued to examine the concepts, capabilities, and technologies the United States will require to remain the dominant air and space force in the future.

Various ideas for manipulating hurricanes have been suggested. In 2007, "How to stop a hurricane"explored various ideas such as:

Using lasers to discharge lightning in storms which are likely to become hurricanes
Pouring liquid nitrogen onto the sea to deprive the hurricane of heat energy.
Creating soot to absorb sunlight and change air temperature and create convection currents in the outer wall.

The map below shows lightning strikes from 28-31 May 2016, illustrating just how widespread the severe thunderstorms have been.

How long will it continue?

At the moment, the risk of further heavy downpours of rain and severe thunderstorms will continue for at least the next few days – possibly into the start of next week.

With low pressure still across Europe and humid air still in place, the ingredients are there for more severe weather and a risk of further flooding.

In addition to economic and social damage, floods can have severe environmental consequences, for example when installations holding large quantities of toxic chemicals are inundated. The coming decades are likely to see a higher flood risk in Europe and greater economic damage.

During the last five years Europe has suffered over 100 major damaging floods, including the catastrophic floods along the Danube and Elbe rivers in summer 2002, in northern Caucasus in July and August 2002, in the Alps in summer 2005 and along the Danube in spring 2006. Since 2000, floods in Europe have caused at least 700 deaths, the displacement of about half a million people and at least EUR 25 billion in insured economic losses.

Some areas have been more affected than others. Between 1998 and 2005 north-western Romania, south-eastern France, central and southern Germany, northern Italy, and eastern England experienced the highest concentration of repeated flooding.

In January, 2011, several newspapers and magazines, including the UK's Sunday Times and Arabian Business, reported that scientists backed by the government of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, had created over 50 artificial rainstorms between July and August 2010 near Al Ain, a city which lies close to the country's border with Oman and is the second-largest city in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. The artificial rainstorms were said to have sometimes caused hail, gales and thunderstorms, baffling local residents.The scientists reportedly used ionizers to create the rainstorms, and although the results are disputed, the large number of times it is recorded to have rained right after the ionizers were switched on during a usually dry season is encouraging to those who support the experiment.

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