Thursday, June 23, 2016

What exists inside a black hole. '' They are more beautiful and more complex than what was previously thought '


The theory is based on the use of known properties of the invariant ,, '.

American physicists have come up with a new method by means of which might find out what is beyond the horizon of a black hole's event. Thus, scientists will be able to make a clearer picture of the internal structure of these mysterious cosmic objects.

Scientists say that studying black holes is like doing science in reverse. Normally, when observed fenonomen again, he is analyzed, explained and classified using a theory, most likely with the help of mathematical calculations. When it comes to exploring black holes, astronomers must first come up with hypotheses, carry out mathematical calculations and only then realize how they can see what they think is there.

A team of researchers from Johns Hopkins University and Towson argues that, in the process mentioned above, there is a problem namely physicists built their assumptions about how black holes are structured solely on compliance of certain mathematical coordinates. This explains the fact that, over time, astronomers have obtained different results on the internal structure of black holes, because they chose different sets of coordinates.

The research team led by physicist Kielan Wilcomb (Towson University), believes that in order to realize what is inside a black hole, we should focus the attention on analyzing properties ,, known as invariant ". experts say they will solve the problem of mathematical calculations made differently because they have the same value, regardless of the chosen coordinates.

This week, as part of the 228-meeting of the American Astronomical Society, in San Diego, Kielan Wilcomb noted that, until now, were discovered 17 invariants in the curvature of space-time, and they could study inside black holes. However, because of certain mathematical relationships between these properties, only five of which are independent safety.

Physicists have published their results on the website, because other colleagues of theirs can use the five invariants to try to reconstruct the inner structure of a hypothetical black holes. Until their results to be verified by experts, specialists tried to find out on your own what you can find inside a cosmic object astlfe: ,, I calculated all invariants independent black holes and discovered that within them lies areas more beautiful and more complex than what was previously thought, "said Wilcomb the American Astronomical Society meeting.

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