Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Could greed to destroy the human race? Stephen Hawking speaks about new candidate Donald Trump

Stephen Hawking's new warning aimed at all of humanity
Professor Hawking became famous, initially because he managed to beat neurological disease, then through his theories on black holes . Recently, it began to make predictions about the use of technology, such as artificial intelligence, that could destroy the human race, if not carefully supervised.

Also it was involved in politics, joining the dozens of scientists who warned of the effects of population leaving the European Union . Lately, he said that trying to understand the popularity and the reasons of the candidate to the presidency of the United States, Donald Trump.

Professor Hawking said that wealth and how we understand and share played a crucial role in the decision Brexit community. He sympathized with the statement of Prime Minister Theresa May: ,, We need to reform the economy, to enable more people to enjoy the prosperity of this country ''.

Stephen Hawking said that while he understands the need for money, which helped him to live longer despite the disease, it does not consider the money a very important thing. He said people's questions about the value and sense of ownership possession led to the creation of new ideas in people's minds, the cathedral project called ,, ''.

He described the ideas as equivalent to building huge churches ,, to create a link between Heaven and Earth '' in which an idea is designed to be taken up by future generations.

The teacher said: ,, I hope people will turn more often to such ideas, as they did in the past Since we we're in perilous times, the planet and the human race has to face many challenges. ''

Cambridge professor has warned humanity that material inequalities between individuals and countries is one of the most dangerous problems today.

It states that hatred and isolationism are related to how the money is divided nowadays, thus creating Britain out of the European Union (EU). Prior to the vote, Professor Hawking has campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU, it believes it will affect Brexit-financing scientific projects.

In an article for The Guardian, the teacher said the referendum results reflected the inequalities felt by those who voted for leaving the EU.

He added that humanity must work and change your priorities, property and possession prevents solve major problems, such as climate change, diseases, food production and overpopulation.

Professor Hawking said: ,, If we give up the forces that contributed to Brexit, envy and isolationism, not only in Britain but in the world that is driven by an unclear definition of enrichment and unable to share it, nations can unite '.

,, If this happens we will have a more optimistic long-term welfare of our species, '' he added.

Source: Dailymail

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  1. I Don t know what to say about this Trump character....I only hope that if will be the next president of America will make good decisions regarding world peace


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