Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A new Russian hypersonic airplane could launch nuclear bombs from space

The new model created by Russian supersonic aircraft (Photo:
The new generation of supersonic Russian launch nuclear bombs. The aircraft could fly from 2020.

Military officials have said that the aircraft engine has already been tested. A prototype of the aircraft will probably be launched over six years.

The aircraft could travel anywhere in the world within two hours, and can launch a nuclear bomb before returning to base.

It is expected that the engine will be presented at the International Congress 2016 Army-Military Technology Forum, which will take place from 6 to 11 September in Moscow.

General Sergei Karakayev, commander of Strategic Missile Troops, confirmed that the model engine bomber was built and successfully tested in the Military Academy Serpukhovo.

,, A promising engine aircraft was created at the headquarters of Strategic Missile Troops. Operability of this aircraft has been proven. The idea is that the beetle to embark on a normal airfield. At the command, it will ascend up into space, where it will hit the target with a nuclear bomb, '' said General Sergey Karakaev.

An engine similar to that of an aircraft and one similar to that of a rocket to be combined in the main engine of the aircraft. In airplane mode, the vehicle will be powered by kerosene and space flights will use methane and oxygen.

Reaction Engines British representatives have said the aircraft will be launched in 2020. The European Space Agency has invested $ 11 million to develop an engine that could enable aircraft travel anywhere in the world, more than four hours.

British experts have developed a technology that combines an aircraft turbine and a supersonic missile to get an aircraft that exceed five times the speed of sound.

The new model could propel satellites into space with much lower costs than current ones.

Source :  Mail Online

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