Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Warning ! There are only a year to prepare for the violent eruption of a volcano

Villarrica volcano produced from March 3, 2015 (Photo: glacier hub.org)
Scientists believe that the estimated period is sufficient for people to take refuge in the safest places possible.

Scientists claim that humanity would have available only one year to prepare for the next massive eruption of a volcano on Earth. Experts have reached this conclusion after investigating an event of this kind happened in a few million years ago in the eastern US state of California.

In a study published in the journal Plos One, a team of researchers from the University of Chicago and Vanderbilt University explains that after a volcano erupted, will take about 500 years until the room with magma will be filled again . During this process, lava cools and forms rock layers with different densities, which experts analyze them to determine the time between two volcanic eruptions.

After studying rock over 760,000 years old, formed during supererupţiei volcano in Long Valley, California, scientists have learned that period of time between filling with magma chamber and the eruption was about 1 year. Scientists say that in this period, there was an explosion that led to the formation of the Chaldeans with an area of about approximately 576 square kilometers.

Determining when a volcano eruption is easier than the estimate periods where earthquakes occur, but this does not mean that the process is very laborious. At best, scientists can learn a few days before when a volcano will erupt, but, most often, such events can not be predicted.

If the results recently will prove to be valid, and the eruption of volcanoes could be prevented by at least one year before, millions of people will be able to be evacuated from areas where it could produce whenever tragedies extremely high. At the moment, two of the most exposed regions that are Yellowstone, USA, and Campi Flegrei in Italy.

Earlier this year, volcanologists announced that on Earth there are many volcanoes that erupt if strong in the near future, lead to the deaths of millions of people because near them were built entire cities.

Ten of the most active volcanoes in the world presents a real risk of eruption in the next 100 years, and that would endanger the lives of several million people.

Source: iflscience.com

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