Friday, July 8, 2016

These trees in Ecuador "Walking Palms" move over distances up to 20 meters per year. How is this possible?

A species of trees in a remote area of Ecuador seems to have the ability to change the place.

There is a real palm species, Socratic exorrhiza, who can develop new roots at some distance from the trunk in search of better ground.

"We are not talking about a distance of one step, these trees one mobile can travel about 20 meters per year," says Karl Gruber in his article for the BBC.

Is it true? Some reports, like that of Gruber, argue that trees is famous "strolling" through the development of new roots, which allows them to create a kind of road through the forest.

According to a 2005 study by biologist Gerardo Avalos, trees that produce new roots are sometimes firmly in one place without moving.

Photo source: Wikipedia

"My work proves that the idea and the belief that these palm can" go "is just a myth. Believing that a palm tree could track actually light and it moves slowly across the carpet of forest - is a myth used the tour guides, "said Gerardo Avalos.

The answer lies hidden in the palm root system. Unlike other trees that have roots completely hidden underground palms "walked" have a larger root system, which starts near the bottom of their trunks. Over time, the eroded soil, some of the roots die and new roots are formed.

While it is disappointing for those of us who really want to believe in the idea that a tree may have some form of mobility, the story about the palm trees are some inventions of travel guides to attract tourists.

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