Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A team of American researchers has discovered a new type of fire of Maryland
A team of American researchers has discovered a new type of ... fire. Experts have said that ,, blue spiral "that identified it is similar to those formed during tornadoes and that it could be used to create clean fuel, but also to clean oil films emerging in seas and oceans from accidental spills.

Turns are made up of a core of fire, around which air columns appear invisible to the naked eye. The phenomena of this type occur naturally during fires and strong winds and because the burning fuel efficiency, could be used to clean up oil spilled in the waters of seas and oceans. of Maryland

During an experiment, a team of researchers from the University of Maryland simulated in the laboratory how to produce oil spills, positioning above the water half-cylinder of quartz to create fire whirls. At that time, scientists have found that vortex that I was provoked into a whirl of yellow and blue color first suggesting the presence of soot particles and the second draft fuel combustion process.

Scientists have said that the second color of the flame is the most important because it indicates that the carbon dioxide released is much smaller than in a normal combustion.

Although the claim that the gap formed between the flame and the surface entails maintaining fire can tell researchers do not know yet why he burned this way: ,, Normally, a coil of fire is turbulent, but it is very quiet and stable, without showing visible or audible signs of turbulence. It is an intriguing discovery, which offers numerous possibilities both inside and outside the laboratory, "says Xiao Huahua, one of the team of investigation.

Scientists have proposed to carry out the experiment and their research outside the lab. In this regard, the experts are expected to use fire turns to clean oil from the surface of seas and oceans occurred during discharge. Moreover, scientists discovered the phenomenon say that will help them better understand the mechanics of fluids.

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