Saturday, August 13, 2016

What are the differences between dog lovers and cat lovers?

There was always a rivalry, manifested more or less, between those who love cats and those who declare themselves lovers of dogs.

Facebook has observed the behavior of the 160,000 US animal lovers with a desire to put an end to all these stereotypes.

Giant social media gathered "evidence" of users published on their page on the social networking site images of cats and dogs and found that 30% of those who were distributing photos of cats were alone, compared with a rate of only 24% for dog lovers write thought.

The study concentrated on the behavior of cat lovers and dog lovers to show who they are, how they live and how much they resemble their furry friends.

And even if the main results show that owners of cats are prone loneliness concerning love affairs, the myth of the so-called "cat-lady" - old maid who lives surrounded only by cats - was dismantled, and researchers say there sex or age limit for cat owners who are not involved in a relationship.

To be able to search through thousands of profiles and millions of photographs, Facebook has used an object recognition technology, the same technology used to help blind users. Then, the research team looked at the profiles was selected to understand better what they like those people, who are they and why marital status.

Dog lovers are on Facebook, on average, more than 26 friends cat lovers. They are also more extroverted, resembling their four-legged friends. Moreover, they are luckier regarding your love life more quickly able to establish connections both online and in real life.

Even if cat owners say they are tired all the time, the study shows that they are invited to more events than owners of puppies. However, cat lovers prefer friendships with other cat lovers. However, that does not mean they refuse to give a chance to those who prefer dogs.

When it comes to relaxation methods, the results turn out to be very different between the two groups. Cat lovers prefer activities such as watching a movie, TV watching TV or reading. They are passionate about everything that science fiction and animation. On the other hand, dogs lovers prefer love stories.

The study showed that between lovers puppies, were the favorite films like "Marley & Me" and "Rocky", while cat lovers preferred "Dracula" or "World War Z".

However such films as "The Great Gatsby," "Seinfeld" or "Frozen" was loved equally by the two camps.

Another interesting point is that dogs do not give lovers "check in" as much as cat lovers.

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