Friday, September 16, 2016

A "sea monster" long by 9 meters was discovered on a beach in New Zealand

Rotting corpse of a "sea monster" mysteriously found on a beach in New Zealand.

A video clip shows conducted by Elizabeth Ann creature skull half buried by sand on the beach Pukehina. Apparently the creature's bones over 9 meters long reached shore after a storm last month.

The discovery triggered a series of discussions among local residents regarding the origin of the creature. They suggested that it could be a big crocodile, dolphin or dinosaur.

However, Anton van Helden, a specialist in the study of marine mammals, rejected all these hypotheses explaining the structure of the animal's fins is similar to killer whales, common near the island of Fiji and the Bay of Plenty. Currently, scientists are nevertheless carried out a series of tests to determine exactly what the animal is.

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