Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Researchers have revealed how Lucy, the oldest human ancestor, died

The known fossil of an ancestor is known by the name of Lucy. The new details about how he died were published in a study.

By using CT researchers have evaluated the fossil fractures of 3.81 million years ago. Lucy fractures by comparing with those of chimpanzee medical cases, experts have found that fractures are similar to those produced by the fall from the tree. A number of fractures of the upper right arm were the best indicator of a fall from the tree. Lucy probably tried to mitigate the fall before putting his arm. Other fractures were found in the left hip, left knee and left pelvis.

,, Death is one of the things that allow us to create a bridge between us and others. By discovering that I was more aware of it as an individual, '' said study author John Kapplerman, of the University of Texas.

Study fuels debate on how the members of the species Australopithecus afarensis lived in trees. Lucy probably lived mostly on land, but would have climbed the tree to protect from predators, suggested Kappleman.

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