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After 500 years, Jesus' tomb was open again. '' I was amazed at what I found under the marble '

Jesus' Tomb Opened photo:
For  the first time, researchers have found that surface, is traditionally considered to be the tomb of Jesus. Located Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem tomb was covered with marble tiles in the sixteenth century at the latest.

Fredrik Hiebert, an archaeologist at the National Geographic Society, said that "the marble covering the tomb had been removed and I was amazed at the amount of materials under them. There will be long scientific survey, but in the end we will be able to discover the stone surface of which was deposited the body of Jesus. "

According to tradition, Jesus was lying on a carved stone that came from a limestone cave after being crucified by the Romans in 30 C.E. or perhaps in 33. On three days after his death, he resurrected and women who came to anoint his tomb was found empty. This stone is now attached to a structure called Edicule (from the Latin aedicule, small house), which was subsequently rebuilt between 1808 to 1810 after being destroyed by fire. 

The emergence of this tomb gives researchers a great opportunity to study what is considered to be the Christian religion, the most holy place. Analysis of the original stones that will help them discover not only the original shape of the tomb, but also as a place of worship has become since it was identified by Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine in the year 326.

Inside the tomb, the light emanating from candles and lamps make it possible to observe some details that are usually overlooked. Church of the Holy Sepulchre is in this moment, in the custody of the six Christian sects. Greek Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic and Armenian Orthodox Church have the most control over this area, and the status of certain parts of this church which are considered common places of worship for all sects, including the tomb was governed by an agreement custody rights record of all sects.

Edicule that aforementioned integrity restored in the nineteenth century was a dilemma for decades. It was affected by the earthquake in 1927, and British authorities were forced to restore it in 1947, by positioning the outer beams.

In 2015, Partiarhia Greek Orthodox in Jerusalem, with the agreement of 2 other large communities, invited members of the National Technical University of Athens to study the site, and premiered its new restoration was in March this year, which is expected to be completed in spring 2017.

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