Sunday, October 23, 2016

An astronaut on the International Space Station looked out the window and saw this picture

Certainly astronauts on the International Space Station were not yet accustomed to spectacular images, they observe and photograph them when they are in space.

Following the picture, with a diameter of seven millimeters from the edge of one of the windows through which astronauts on Space, was surprised by Tim Peake during his six months in space, in the first half. This latter was occlusions. In an official statement, British astronaut Peakes stated that ,, I am often asked if the International Space Station is hit by the waste of space. The answer is yes, but I am happy that the windows are quadruple '.

This Cracks did not present a threat, not an uncommon thing. ESA said then: ,, Perhaps it is a small piece of metal '. Although cosmic piece of waste was low because of the speed of 7.66 kilometers per second, which moves along Earth SSI, any particle from waste could produce a huge impact.

But the space station has been developed to withstand these small scratches. SSI windows are made of fused silica and borosilicate glass. According to ESA, an object 1 centimeter can destroy a specific flight or system intrment important for the space station. Any object larger than 1 centimeter would break the shield, and an object larger than ten centimeters would shred a satellite.

To prevent these threats, ESA and NASA are working continuously to improve waste reduction strategy. Part of this work is the observation of garbage larger than one centimeter and calculate the possible trajectory.

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Source: Physics

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