Monday, July 11, 2016

Three false myths about antiquity. What is the truth behind the Greek democracy and Roman orgies

Whether we are talking about Christianity, ancient Rome or Greece about each emerged myths that we know today.

1.The Romans were doing crazy orgies

Most people associate the Romans orgies, but in reality he was just about rumors. In fact, the Romans did not speak very often about this, couples having sex only at night in complete darkness, mostly clothed. Of course, wealthy Romans were having sex in front of the servants, but then servants were considered furniture who only had to bring needed. As noted, the Romans encountered problems and when trying to plan an orgy One of the most powerful myths of Hercules is where the 50 girls deflowered of Greek king in one night. The early Christians invented blowout to promote their new faith

Thus, anyone who had love affairs in positions other than those which were considered normal for that time, the practice blowout. Of course, they stated that such practices were taking place in the homes of the rich. To implement stronger than Christianity, practices were blamed because then no longer be practiced.

2. Christians were martyred in the Colosseum, eaten by lions

The myth that the Romans threw Christians to the lions just for fun is false. Since there is no evidence showing that practitioners of Christianity have been martyred in the Colosseum. During the Emperor Nero was thought that persecuting Christians in the Colosseum, the building had not been build. But there are countless stories of martyrs, saints, apostles who died eaten by lions killed or burned at the stake. The truth is that all the stories come from the writings of Christians.

Acts of martyrs' stories were about the beginnings of Christianity, when women and men have preached the word of God, enduring torture and suffering. The writings of the martyrs,, acts '' can be compared to Harry Potter stories today, they satisfy the desire of citizens of fiction. In the eighteenth century, the book has been used by many popes to declare Colossseum a stained blood of martyrs, which should not be destroyed.

3. Ancient Greece was a place of freedom

Before the Roman Empire to conquer the world, logic and civilization in ancient Greece it was always present, the country was the cradle of humanity. But the reality is that the area was one during the war. The ancient Greeks put the best minds of the era, like Socrates. Hellenic peninsula in that period there were more than 1,000 cities, each band,, ''

Each band had armed its own government and religion. During that practiced slavery. Greece had the largest number of slaves and democracy lasted only two centuries, The asemnea nor Plato, Socrates and Aristotle were not excited about this form of government. Works intellectuals came very difficult period in other countries, primarily because of rivalries between towns, people were generally enlightened farmers and ordinary people who have left their native village.

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