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Unicorn of the Sea

(Unicorns)narwhals there are myths people over 5000 years. But if they have never been more real than in the Middle Ages, when their famous horns were brought in large numbers in Europe by the Vikings. Said improper "unicorn horns" because of the trophies that were sold against exorbitant amounts were nothing more than fildesii some of the rarest cetaceans Arctic narwhals.

Vikings secret was to be preserved and perpetuated by Norse seafarers since hundreds of years in their deceitfulness place falling, mainly nobles and crowned heads of Europe at that time. The illusion that you possessed magical properties "unicorn horns" such as healing or neutralizing poisons, causes their price to reach unimaginable odds.

If, normally a ivory was estimated to own gold weight, Queen Elizabeth I of England had to pay for such a trophy exorbitant sum of £ 10,000, the cost of an entire castle during that time. That while the kings of Denmark had offered an entire fortune for the privilege of owning an ivory throne made exclusively for "unicorn". Legend will end only in 1683, the year the Danish zoologist Ole Wurm will publish existence Narwhal, the real owners of ivory giants.

Even if Norse myth of the unicorn had fallen apart, another would take its place in a few years. Cetaceans fierce appearance of the horn will give birth to a whole series of stories about ships sunk and dramatic clashes between these sailors and marine life. Even Jules Verne, the father of science fiction literature, famous attacks will compare the submarine "Nautilus" from no less famous novel "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea", attacks a gigantic narwhal.
About Narva - real unicorns

Hunted since prehistoric times, cetaceans horned proved to be far from legends who posed as ferocious killers. Despite the "weapon" they possess, narwhals were characterized rather shy and withdrawn as some creatures, whose food consists entirely of fish (especially cod) and small marine creatures.

Presented by scientists as a whale small Narwhal (Monoceros monodon) is considered even today one of the most mysterious and strange beings who have ever lived. Certainly the most obvious feature is its huge teeth that pierce her jaw and can even reach 3 meters in length and 10 kg weight. This feature is specific only males although cases have been reported in females who had developed ivory. Extremely rare are cases in which one simultaneously possess two fangs.

Their role remains unknown to researchers. Initially, scientists believed that the horn function is to penetrate ice covers water in the Arctic areas, to kill prey cetaceans, to attract females or to help guide the animal. Recent studies have shown, however ivory Narwhal is crossed by over 10 million nerves reason which has led experts to conclude that, most likely, it is used to determine the temperature, pressure and salinity of the water in which they swim.

It seems that due to intensive fishing and dramatic reduction of food resources, narwhals began hunting animals even that was outside their traditional diet, as they are pups. In turn, cetaceans horn began to be increasingly hunted by killer whales and polar bears

Although the number Narwhal are in freedom is not fully known, enciphering estimates their population to about 10000-20000 copies, both Norwegian and Canadian government allow continued hunting of cetaceans by traditional Inuit population in Greenland and Canada.


The weight of a male narwhal can reach 1.6 tons, while a female weight not exceeding 1 ton. The length of these animals may even reach 7-8 meters.

Also sperm whale, narwhals can swim to depths considerable, often exceeding 1500 meters.

Narwhal name comes from Norse, narhval - "corpse", alluding to the pale color of the animal.

The price of a piece of narwhal is currently about 1000 - 2000 USD for a single copy, although the amount can increase significantly if special trophies.

Muktuk is the name for a traditional Inuit delicacy, consisting of skin and fat upper layer of the Narwhal. Another delicacy is its liver, which team members hunting consuming it raw

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