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Friday, September 30, 2016

Pankration or fear the Greeks when they are angry ! ( Ancient Martial Arts )

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The influence of Greek culture on the entire human civilization is huge and hardly needs any introduction. Mathematics, physics, philosophy, biology, history, navigation, medicine, drama, are just some of the areas not imaginable in its current form without the contribution of the creative genius of the ancient Greeks. 

Comes to us from the same mythical Hellas, however, one of the most powerful forms of struggle created by man. Experts say that would be the most effective fighting style ever created by man ... Welcome arena! This is Pankration ...

Edition Olympic Games held in the year 648 BCE arena currents would bring martial style so tough and powerful, that throughout history, martial were fewer current could compare with him. Pankration was born in ancient Hellas , between olive groves and sunny shores of the Mediterranean. This form of struggle was developed in close connection with nature to serve the Greeks as the most effective way of fighting and self defense. According to Greek mythology, Pankration was invented by two of the greatest heroes of Greek ethos heroes, Herakles and Theseus. They were followers of what is called Panmachia - Total Fight, Fight complement the direct translation of ancient Greek. Supporters of this view horses wore symbols Herculean, ghioga and leather cloak lion to reproduce on their own people Fighter image of Olympus legends. About Theseus is said to have used techniques for proper Pankration fight to kill the master labyrinth, dreaded Minotaur, the beast with the body of man and head of a bull.

Herackes photo

Theseus photo :

All legends remember two heroes were impressed dramas passing Hellas residents who are at that time under attack by various invaders. Consequently, they decided to teach their techniques battle mortals. Because it holds "all powers" as it translates its meaning Pankration

Legend or not, it seems that there was some truth. At over 2,000 years in the future, specifically in the early 1990s, the international community would receive martial arts practitioners suddenly a real cold shower. On the eve of the third millennium, some revolutionaries fighting trends lay the foundations of what is called MMA, that Mixed Martial Arts - Martial arts combined. This concept, modern at first glance, came with the idea of ​​organizing fights to be allowed in designing opponent with ground fighting. Such are born UFC, Pride, Cross training, Shoot, Submission, Ground and pound, Slam! 

Only served to reinvent the wheel ... Pankration already solved these dilemmas, and even had to go further in experimentation these concepts "we". Since last 2500 Year!

Exquisite fighting technique of the ancient Greeks

Photo :

Pankration was a universe in itself. More than an Olympic discipline, this style of fighting was on how old so advanced in terms of technique and methodology of fighting. It was a complete and complex style while in Pankration there is even some special training the fighters did concentration exercises and meditation. Internal energy was then trained and developed through breathing exercises similar to those of Qi Gong in the Chinese martial arts, ancient Greeks called Pneuma

Qi Gong Photo:

There were sets of movements including preset, so-called Pyrrhics, Taolu sites similar to the styles of Kung Fu and Karate Kata. Although at first glance seemed a combination of Greek pugilat and melee combat, Pankration was different in terms of conception and fighting techniques used. Even if a modern sports familiar with MMA, Pankration would seem a combination between ancient Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the ancient fighting style characteristic of the Greeks have a plus in front of any martial arts today.

History of Sparta  photo :

Greeks and Spartans military training included basic elements of Pankration, because it can handle Greek soldiers during battle if they were put in the situation of running out of weapons.  

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For driving the punch, elbow, knee and foot, practitioners used leather bags filled with sand. Herbs were used in treating post microleziunilor workouts.

The fighters were using any technique that led to the abandonment or more speedy removal of fight the opponent. There is only one position battle similar position intermediate form between a boxer and a modern judoka. Hands held up, fists at the temples to prevent possible head injury. The techniques were divided into four categories covering all aspects of fights without rules. 

Thus, Pygmis arms encapsulate all shots, including all kicks Laktisma, Rassein apaly handle sweeping techniques and designs, and ground fighting Apopnigmos deal with bottlenecks and limb sprain. 

Huge variety of fighting techniques in the arsenal of a pankratiast (Pankration fighter), were chosen usually most effective combinations that were repeated endlessly. Between arms techniques are preferred direct blows punch, circular were usually ignored by a number of direct hits fighters arrived in clinics preferred elbow strikes or projections detriment clasps . Special attention is given to kicks. Favorite was Gastrizein - Laktisma gasteran is a very strong direct hit, made with the stomach or liver heel opponent. Once on the ground, fighter apply numerous keys arms and legs to dislocate limbs opponent. Commonly used techniques were repeatedly bottleneck that led to fainting or even death opponent.

Death or glory arena

During the Olympics, they met practitioners from all over Greece to face in the spirit of Mu Tau, the Truth Martial, whom she remained faithful fighters entire life. 

Accompanied by Daskalos, titled teachers and masters in Pankration, young fighters were headed to the race venues at the foot of Mount OlympusSpot sacred urn was brought a silver in small plates that were made, half emblazoned with the letter alpha, the other beta. Thus, held the draw. 

Every athlete could face the ballot box, he prayed to Zeus and extract a plate. After that all practitioners would gather in a circle and shouted three times, all power, name of the hero Heracles. Any race of Pankration was given in honor of the patron of this art, the great Hercules, as the Romans called him
Ceremonies are already met, they were to begin the most terrible evidence around the Olympics. Matches were extremely harsh and dangerous at the same time. There is no limit to stop the destruction or abandonment opponent. And dropping out was avoided completely by these warriors, who preferred to die or live crippled for life than to admit defeat. There were no age or weight categories, there were no rounds or time limits, the competition was open to anyone. The fighting was guarded by referees who were armed with bundles of twigs, used when opponents bite into them or drew their eyes, the only acts prohibited by Daskalos. Instead they were allowed any punches and leg opposite insert fingers in the ears, nose or mouth opponent ... 

In these circumstances, the fight continues until one of the opponents faint, die or raise an arm in recognition of defeat. Memories Greeks notes that it was hard to find a champion Pankration with all the teeth in the mouth, to hear well or have their hands and feet full. Along with the series of blows applied to the arms and legs of an opponent fell to the ground, jamming the main techniques were responsible for most deaths occurring in the arena. 

As an additional note, worth mentioning that both warriors were forced to fight completely naked and smeared all over his body with olive oil to make it as difficult ground fighting or limb luxation.

Dioxippus vs. Coragus

The facts and record the most renowned fighters have reached legendary among athletes of ancient Greece. Ancient documents speak of superhuman exploits of fighters like Dioxippus, Polydamas of Skotoussa or Arrhichion of Phigalia.

 The most famous of these was undoubtedly Dioxippus. Winner in several Olympics, became a close friend of Alexander, who said impressed by the strength and hardness of Pankration fighter. In his most famous fight Dioxippus defeated him without appeal on Coragus best fighter of Alexander. Coragus fought armed with spear, sword and shield, Dioxippus was simply a cloth covering her body and was armed with a baton. 

The fight lasted less, Dioxippus I threw in front of Coragus stick or distract them, after which it was designed from the ground where he started it straguleze until Coragus failed. After defeating the best fighter of his, Alexander was filled with envy and decided to humiliate Dioxippus, putting them in his luggage a golden cup and then accusing him of theft. With rage and helplessness, Dioxippus Greek Macedonians give them one last lesson.

 Proudly choose to commit suicide in front of the Macedonian royal court. In another unusual episode, a fighter Pancration, called Arrhichion Phigalia won the dispute after he died! During the fight, his opponent manages to inflict a strangulation technique, Arrhichion desperate at the thought of losing you, makes several fingers break its opponent, it gives up and raises his hand signaling it is defeated. When the referee and his friends came to congratulate him for the win, Arrhichion was already dead due to strangulation. Despite this, he was declared the winner and received the crown of olive leaves.

Pankration vs. Pancrace

Theodosius I photo:

Ancient ended Pankration in 393 C.E. it is prohibited by law from an edict of Theodosius I. Although Byzantine emperor as opposed to boxing and wrestling and was considered extinct, historical evidence exists confirming that around 1900, kleftii, Greek freedom fighters, used such fighting techniques during scuffles with Turkish soldiers. 

Such klephts brothers were in the cities of Constantinople and Smyrna within which was kept, apparently, terrible fighters style of ancient Hellas. True revival of Pankration is due to the work and efforts undertaken by Demetrios "Jim" Arvanitis, a Greek who during the 60s made known to the world Pankration. Known as the father of modern Pankration, Kirios Arvanitis is a specialist in wrestling and Muay Thai, which was in art so passionate about his ancestors, that he dedicated his life to research and the rediscovery of forgotten all the techniques of Pankration.

Arvanitis Pankration reintroduced when the world was drawn to Oriental martial arts gender Karate, Aikido, Kung Fu. Conquered by their exoticism, the international community of martial arts enthusiasts Pankration not given deserved attention, until about the 90s, with the advent of current MMA when the old Greek style attracts more and more practitioners.

In the same period, the lands of Japan, Masakatsu Funaki and Minoru Suzuki, founded in 1993 Hibryd Pancrase Wrestling, an organization that wanted initially offered a tribute Pankration. Pancrase, as they called Japanese is but a modern conception of the fight, MMA tributary stream more than clenching terrible and wild once the Olympics rings. Pancrase promotes a kind of competition in which fighters use techniques of Muay Thai Jiu Jitsu combined with under a strict regulation that is designed to protect combatants. Among the fighters and famous practitioners of pancreata include some of the greatest legends of MMA, as Ruthenia Bass, Josh Barnett, Yuki Kondo, Semmy Schilt, Ken Shamrok, Ikuisa Minowa and Guy Metzger.

The threshold Olympics in 2004, the Greeks manage to reintroduce a form of Pankration sports, all of which were eliminated dangerous techniques. Subsequently, the International Olympic Forum deny official recognition of Pankration, citing lack of interest of athletes for discipline so tough. As the pinnacle of the bureaucracy and indolence, athletes participating in the 2004 edition asks for their medals back ...

Some of Daskalos, as Aris Makris Dimitrios Arvanitis and turned their attention to their championships organizing training with special forces intervention. Pankration is reborn from the ashes!

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