Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Researchers have created anti-aging guide

Researchers have identified new distinctive signs of aging that have major repercussions on cellular metabolism. Of course there are certain techniques that the beneficial effects of metabolism can be enhanced to improve the life of people.

One thing unites all people in the world probably that age. While some accept the changes of aging, others try to avoid.

In the study published in the journal Cell, researchers explain how people get older and strategies by which they want to increase longevity. According to researchers, development and maturation are caused by metabolism, the process by which food is converted into energy. When the body ages, becomes slower metabolism, the DNA degrading, causing dysfunction of cells.

But aging is inevitable, especially irreversible. But being linked to metabolism and nutrition may be ways in which aging can be slowed.

Researchers have identified what they call Western lifestyle ,, '' as an accelerator of aging. This phenomenon is characterized by high calorie foods with excess fat and protein and excessive sedentary.

Aging complicates the maintenance of homeostasis of the organism matabolice and therefore favors the metabolic imbalances. All anti-aging procedures can operate in the context of metabolic reprogramming efficiency that could provide nutrients that increase resistance to stress.

Researchers say that a combination of exercise and a proper diet may delay the progression of the distinctive signs of aging. Of course, a diet should be customized and implemented by a nutritionist.

Source; Futurism

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