Saturday, August 20, 2016

The greatest longevity on Earth. It Has 400 years.

Researchers have found that elusive Greenland shark can live up to 400 years in the depths of the Arctic Ocean.

In perspective, this case proves that sharks living today have lived through the Mayflower brought the first pilgrims to America or when Isaac Newton developed the first theory of gravity. By analyzing 28 female sharks in Greenland proved that the oldest copy was at least 272 years and not more than 512 years and is one of the oldest animals with a backbone known to mankind. Researchers have predicted that the female was about 390 years old when he was captured accidentally by a research vessel.

Before this, the longest vertebrate whale head was arched, which can live up to 211 years.

In the new study it has suggested that the Greenland shark can survive two or more years than whale head arched. Future research could reveal secrets scientific world slowing the aging process of humans. Greenland shark is a carnivore that lives in the freezing waters of the Arctic Ocean. Shark increase over five meters in length and swim slowly in the deep, icy, only coming to the surface to feed a big fish or a marine mammal, such as seals.

These sharks can live a longer period of time due to slow growth process (one centimeter per year), but very difficult to see, researchers have never been sure of this theory.

,, We have expected that sharks must be very old, '' said principal investigator, Julius Nielsen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. ,, But not long before I knew, of course was a big surprise to discover that it is the longest vertebrate, '' he added.

To make this claim, researchers analyzed 28 female Greenland shark, caught between 2010 and 2013. The normal aging process of the Greenland shark is not the same as other vertebrate Since we have these layers calcified tissues increased. Nielsen discovered a series of proteins crystallized in the eye, which were formed during their life.

The team tried not to give too many figures, but said that two of the older subjects were between 335 +/- 392 +/- 75 and 120 years. Which means that the oldest female was around 272-512 years.

The discovery has both positive and negative aspects, the negative aspect is that they reach sexual maturity at the age of 150 years, which means that any shark killed by fishermen or climate change can be very difficult to replace.

,, Our results have shown that the Greenland shark is the longest vertebrate, our concerns are growing because species must be preserved, '' team concludes.

 The good news is that by studying the life cycle of these species, researchers can conserve better in the future.

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Source: Science Alert

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