Sunday, September 11, 2016

A pack of 400 wolves terrorizing a city in Russia

A true "super pack" of wolves, which counts no less than 400 copies, took the open attack against people circling the Far East Russian city Verkhoyansk. So far, the huge pack, driven by hunger and cold killed more than 30 horses within the last 4 days.

"To protect the city and the people we had to create emergency no less than 24 teams of hunters armed, who will patrol the surroundings and will put traps. With the dawn, our guys will start to shoot wolves live in helicopters. but we need more people. we pay as a reward amount of $ 300 for each wolf fur, "says nonchalantly Rozhin Stepan, Russian official Verkhoyansk district.

On the other hand, environmentalists and scientists do not understand the reasons which led to such a mega-packs. A normal pack of wolves not exceeding 7 copies and mega-pack of Verkhoyansk is also a "federation of wolves" made up of hundreds of packs together.

"It is unusual for wolves to unite the packs so big and move on to attack the horses. I guess wine bears particularly cold winter with temperatures of -49 degrees Celsius, which killed deer and wild boars, wolves natural prey . Moreover, the number of rabbits in the area, another prey favorite of wolves has decreased significantly due to lack of vegetation. wolves are intelligent animals that are moving instantly on the lightest prey, providing at the same time, the greater quantities of meat in this situation, these spoils happened to be horses, "said Dr. Valerius Geist, an expert in the biology and behavior of wolves in Siberia.

Verkhoyansk has a population of just 1,300 people and is one of the most remote and coldest human settlements in the entire northern hemisphere, being located in an area with grim echoes, known as the Ring of Death. Here, bloody dictator Stalin used to send opponents and political rivals, they prey died of cold, hunger and wolves.

Source: DailyMail

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