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Monday, September 12, 2016

A new strange case of demonic possession similar to that of Anneliese Michel

Locals from the village Bucureasa Targu-Jiu next heard the teenager who is said to have possessed and night speaks with the voice aunt who died several months ago. The family refuses to discuss this issue and wants to exhume the old

An aunt of the girl of 16 years tells us that he was afraid to go and talk to family. She tells us that she forgets everything done at night: "She wakes up at night and talks aunt who stood in the yard with them and is dead for three months. She was a good woman. I do not think that was done poltergeist, because my mother told me that and I eat animals in the yard and then enter the family. Day is behaving normally and does not remember speaking. I heard that was done to the church service. I understand you were with her doctor. The girl is good and very respectful. The week started making those crises. 

Me I'm afraid to go there. I have no courage to go ". Another local woman said that even in the family said that the devil enters the night in the girl's body. Bucureasa locals are afraid to leave the house.

"I did not even slept. I fear that getting out and we out of the house, "said a neighbor.

 Another local resident submits that the entire community is next to the teenager and her family: "I know the girl's family. It is a family model. The girl is very well-groomed. The girl is a model child and family alike. No one knows what happened. The family tries every day to see what happens with the girl. There is no question that the family misbehave with the girl. All the neighbors are with her. Everyone supports. We support and we are dead exhumed to see if there's anything with it. "

Family members asked for help and City Hall.

 "I understand that some family members have emphasized the strange behavior of their daughter, citing issues related tradition of life beyond death. And We guided to the police or prosecutor to take a measure. I hear everyone, but you know how the world which amplifies everything, "said Deputy Mayor Marcel rely on. A voice gives true indication at all crises teenage witness told the girl no longer able to control his body, has all kinds of grimaces and speak with his voice. Moreover, it tells family members all sorts of things that prove true: When I got there around 12:00 at night, the girl was in those torments. She had no control over the limbs and whole body. He had grimaces which I find hard to replicate. Speaking but not her voice, but a neighbor who died. After 10 minutes of entering our little girl was quiet and said, 'Okay, get out of me and left. Let me quiet. " The girl was weak because he had not eaten. The night before had been mayor, son who is a priest and another two. As there were not problems, but then began to manifest. I heard a voice that told family members that will not comes out with what I try to exhumation. "If you do this, I'm leaving, but I take the little girl." Also given some clues that no one could know. The voice said, 'No, and I've had time to pick apples? Go, I shook myself. " 

They went with the flashlight and the apple was shaken. Or 'pass over you and you were at the table. I hit a chicken and I cut the wings ". They went and checked and have wings cut. There are things the old girl told them voice. I've never seen anything like it. I was not afraid and I wanted to convince myself. Night only happens after the second song of the rooster. The girl's parents and grandparents are a rare humanity.

The old lady's son filed a request for exhumation

 Valentin Barrels son aunt's death, filed a request for its exhumation. "The Prosecutor's Office Court Targu Jiu, a person in the town Dăneşti submitted an application which requested the exhumation of his mother, citing personal reasons. Currently checks are carried out following the decision to legal measures, "said Lawrence Grecu, spokesman for the Prosecutor Tirgu Jiu.

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