Sunday, September 4, 2016

A patent registered by Nikola Tesla and recently discovered shows that the great engineer was long before the era in which he lived - PHOTO

Devices the researcher and imagine them in the late nineteenth century are similar to some that we use today.

Nikola Tesla's work results we can see today everywhere: wireless networks, electric cars, remote-controlled devices are just some of them. Apparently, the engineer of the Serb importance is much greater than previously thought, given that an American journalist recently discovered a patent that Tesla has made him 118 years ago.

Excerpt from Tesla's patent (Photo:

Matthew Schroyer published an excerpt from Tesla's patent on his Twitter page. In the pages of the document, dated July 1, 1898, can be seen project details of unmanned machines would be used in the communications, military and scientific exploration. According to the inventor notes, the devices were to be controlled remotely.

Tesla its patent mentions that the cars they designed could be used for communications,, and explorations in inaccessible regions, but also for scientific, engineering or business. "In the same document, physicist mentions that the importance,, My great invention resulting from the effects they produce in the military. "

The descriptions they make Nicola Tesla specialists have been likened to those of drones we use today in areas such as trade (delivery devices of Amazon), scientific or military. Therefore, the new discovery demonstrates once again that the Serbian engineer was long before the era in which he lived

Unlike how states now use drones world war, Tesla had designed their inventions to be used for peaceful purposes. ,, For reasons that can destroy everything safely and efficiently, the invention will be used only to maintain peace between nations, "the physicist of the Serb in his patent.

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