Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mona Lisa nude version , painted by Leonardo da Vinci. The painting was found in a private collection

Leonardo da Vinci painted her famous Mona Lisa in several versions, including one nude Announces Discovery News. New painting, discovered after centuries, depicting mysterious woman in an original version and similarities between the two portraits, it and the classic, are striking.


The painting was brought to light in a private collection, where it stayed hidden for over a century. Museo Ideale exposed today in Tuscany, it is a first for people of culture and art reveals unknown aspects still famous Renaissance artist.

"Even if painting is called  Mona Vanna, eyes front, hand position, the concept of space and dark background, all go to think of the Mona Lisa iconographic theme," said Alessandri Vezza, director of the museum in Toscana.

The portrait belonged to Napoleon's uncle, Cardinal Joseph Fesch (1763-1839) and was hidden in the wooden wall of his personal library. Moreover, the painting was forgotten in the wall for over a century. A note Fesch weather looks like its acquisition of "Portrait of Mona Lisa, mistress of Francis I, Leonardo da Vinci" from Rospigliosi, an influential member of the Roman aristocracy, and remained in his possession until his death. The painting was bought, apparently, Napoleon III, because in the end, to reach the private museum of Count Giuseppe Primol, a descendant of Luciano Bonaparte, one of Napoleon's brothers.

Experts believe that da Vinci made several nude portraits, but they have never been exposed is deemed offensive. It is obvious however that such works have inspired other artists, so like Rafaello, which in 1518 performed nude portrait of his lover.

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