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The MYSTERY of the 1,000 bodies found in the swamps in northern Europe

Mummy,, known as Lindow Man "was discovered in 1984, in the English county of Cheshire (Photo:

Miranda Aldhouse-Green argues his theory in his latest book entitled ,, Bog Bodies Uncovered ".

Since the eighteenth century, in the areas of moorland in northern Europe (including Ireland, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and especially Denmark), were found about 1,000 human corpses. Their age ranges, which are dated from the Stone Age until the beginning of World War II. Most of mummified bodies found in bogs belong to people who lived in the period between 700 BC - 200 AD

Over time, scientists have formulated several theories on how individuals discover died in bogs in northern areas of the Old Continent. Among the causes of death are taken into account after the accident occurred, sacrifices made during ceremonies led by druids or even executions of prisoners. In a new book, entitled ,, Bog Bodies Uncovered "British archaeologist Miranda Aldhouse-Green argues that the most likely conclusion is based on available evidence that the dead were victims of human sacrifice.

The best evidence to support this assumption is highly unusual way in which many of those buried over. An example of this is the mummy known as ,, Lindow Man. "Apparently, the victim, having an age at death of about twenty years, was led into the quagmire of the current English county Cheshire, wearing only a band of fur. After being hit in the head, man's throat was cut during strangulation with a cord. the whole scene took place around 60 AD
Photo: pinterest

Photo: pinterest

In support of his theory, Aldhouse suggests that might not be a coincidence that many of the bodies discovered in swamp shows signs of physical deformities, ranging from minor defects to deformities of the spine. Archaeologist believes that, due to these physical characteristics, the victims were selected for sacrifice because it is thought to possess supernatural powers.

In his book, Aldhouse recognize that the assumption that a formulated has some weaknesses. It gives historians as ancient sources such as Strabo and Tacitus, who described, wrongly, killings in bogs in northern Europe as ritual sacrifices. Moreover, archaeological evidence obtained so far can be attributed to the organization of ceremonies with spiritual character.

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