Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pharaoh Tutankhamun was not really a strong man (virtual reconstruction PHOTO)

Wonderful gold mask worn by the mummy of King Tutankhamun depicting a man as strong and sure of himself. But a virtual reconstruction contradicted those beliefs.

By using CT scans over 2,000 experts were able in 2014 to conduct a virtual autopsy,, '' that depict the pharaoh in the flesh. He had one leg crooked, open occlusion pronounced and female thighs.

Previous theories held that King Tut had died at 19 after a carriage accident, but virtual reconstruction of changed scenario.

'' It is important to note King inability to drive a carriage, mostly because club foot because he could not stand without help, '' said Albert Zink, director of the Institute for Mummies and ice people in Italy.

According radiologist and Egyptology, Ashraf Selim ,, King Tut had Kohler's disease, during adolescence, which was incredibly painful ''.

Other evidence state that archaeologists found 130 sticks treasure tomb of King. Zink pharaoh considered untimely death was caused by his poor health condition. It is the result of genetic deficiencies inherited from his parents who were brothers.

In 2010, a genetic study of reconstructed ancestral line of Tutankhamen. In the study titled KV55 mummy known (probably Akhenaten and KV35YL known as the young lady) were identified as Tutankhamun's brothers and parents.

The study confirms that the fragile king was affected by malaria and suffered a strong leg, above the knee, before he died.

Tutankhamun was the last male of the family was, his death ended the XVIII dynasty

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