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August 12 is the day the last monarch of Egypt died Cleopatra VII. Her story would be known millennia later

On August 12 in the year 30 BCE, Cleopatra VII, the last monarch of Egypt, took his life.

According to legend, the Egyptian queen was killed in the year 30 BC, leaving himself bitten by a poisonous snake. But a German specialist proposes - based on recent research - a different version regarding the cause of death of Cleopatra.

Studying ancient medical writings and consultation with biologists research on snakes, Christoph Schaefer, a professor at the University of Trier, concluded that death was due to Cleopatra's not poison, but a cocktail of toxic substances extracted from plants.

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The specialist believes that the Queen would have committed suicide drinking a mixture of opium and hemlock extract omag - a combination used in those times to cause a painless death within hours.

Christoph Schaefer thinks that Queen Cleopatra, famous for its charm, wanted to keep the beauty even in the last hours of life; therefore, it's hard to believe he chose death by snake bite; such a death is preceded by an agony that can last several days and disfigures the one dying.

Cleopatra ruled Egypt between 51-30 i. Hr .; after the death of Roman Emperor Caesar, it was allied with Marc Antony in the fight against Caesar's heir, Octavian.

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Defeated by Octavian at the Battle of Actium, Antony committed suicide; Cleopatra she did the same shortly after his death on August 12, 30 i. Hr.

Cleopatra was Egypt's last monarch. After her death, the country became a Romanian province.

1816 - Ion Ghica was born writer, economist, politician, member and president of the Romanian Academic Society, Romania's prime minister twice, four times president of the Romanian Academy (d. April 22, 1897).

Invenitmundo brings you the main meanings of August 12:

1833 - The US city of Chicago founded.

1848 - He died George Stephenson, English engineer, inventor of the first public railways that use steam locomotives (n. 1781).

1866 - was born Bonavente Jacinto Martinez, playwright, Nobel Prize winner for literature in 1922: "Night of the Sabbath," "Snow fiancee," "Letters of a Woman" (d. July 14, 1954).

1899 - Longinus was born Scarlat, general and dermatovenerologist Romanian doctor, member of the Romanian Academy (d. March 13, 1979).

1925 - Norris McWhirter was born, one of the founders Book of Records (d. April 19, 2004)

1933 - was born Mazilu actor Gheorghe Nae "Crane Mitrea," "Expedition", "The turmoil" (d. June 2001)

1933 - A linguist and philologist died Philippide Alexander, member of the Romanian Academy, the founder of the school of linguistics in Iasi (b. May 1, 1859).

1937 - He died writer Alexandru Sahia (Alexandru Stanescu), post-mortem member of the Romanian Academy (b. October 9, 1908).

1948 - He died Harry Brearley, inventor steel (b. February 18, 1871).

1955 - He died writer Thomas Mann, Nobel laureate for Literature in 1929, "Buddenbrooks", "The Magic Mountain", "Death in Venice", "Joseph and his brothers," "Doctor Faustus" (n. June 6, 1875).

1982 - The actor Henry Fonda died "evil woman" "The Grapes of Wrath," "War and Peace", "Darling Clementine" (b. May 16, 1905).

1992 - was signed at Geneva Agreement between the Government of Romania and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHOR) to support the development structures Romanian institutions with competence in the field of refugees and asylum.

1992 - A composer and pianist died John Cage prepared piano inventor and one of the initiators of random music, along with P. Boulez (France) and K. Stockhausen (Germany) (b. September 15, 1912)

1997 - The government approved through an Emergency Ordinance, Law of Transport. Regulating provide non-discriminatory access to transport infrastructures for all operators authorized to perform transport activity.

1999 - The European Commission Delegation in Bucharest and the National Agency for Regional Development have launched the largest bidding Romanian Project PHARE funds, worth 19.375 million euros.

1999 - Romania received the first tranche of a loan from the International Monetary Fund, worth 73 million dollars.

2000 - He died actress Loretta Young, Loretta Divine dubbed, laureate Oscar "farmer's daughter", "A night to remember" (n. 1913).

2000 - Russian submarine K-141 Kursk sank in the Barents Sea during a military exercise.

2004 - President Ion Iliescu decorated him at Cotroceni Palace on German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, National Order "The Star of Romania" with the rank of Grand Cross.

2005 - A contingent of 380 Salvadoran troops went to Iraq to secure the fifth rotation of troops to this country.

2006 - The Lebanese government approved unanimously resolution 1701 which demands the cessation of hostilities with Israel despite "reservations".

2007 - The Israeli government has passed a draft budget with a record 73 billion dollars.

2008 - Michael Covaliu athlete won bronze in the sword of the Olympic Games in Beijing, bringing the Romanian delegation second medal at the competition in China.

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