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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The most mysterious eight tribes in the world

The smallest tribe in the world is composed of only five members - a man of 70 years and four women. Also, another tribe has only ten letters in the alphabet and the Yanomamo tribe members are people with the lowest blood pressure in the world.

He lives in northern Namibia in the Kunene region and its population numbering between 20,000 and 50,000 people. The tribe was threatened with extinction in the 80s, when Namibia was haunted by war and drought.

They have their own language, called Otjihimba and particularity here is that women are forbidden completely wash. Besides, they are forbidden even to wash their hands, instead using the freshener herbs, which they boil in a pot and smoked with them, just as would give the fragrance throughout the body .

Also, women of this tribe are known by that covers his body with an ointment prepared from animal fats and dust hematite, which gives them a reddish skin, but protects them from the sun's heat, dry air and insects. Himba houses have conical shape and are made from palm leaves, clay and cow dung.

He lives on the border between Ethiopia and Sudan and includes approximately 7,500 people. Its members are easily recognizable due to plaque mounted on the lower lip of women. Legend has it that this habit of lip cladding has emerged as a form of defense against slave traders, who used to steal women to sell them.

The preparatory process for mounting plate begins before the age of 10 when the girls are out and are lower incisors pierced lower lip from side to side with a peg. The opening is increased from year to year so that 15-16 years are huge plates inserted. The first is one of clay and before marriage is changed to one of clay.

As it concerns men, when one wants to marry he must, armed with sticks, to fight against an opponent. The winner is taken by a group of women who decide who they will marry.

Its members number 300 and barely above living in the Amazonian forest, near Maisi River in Brazil. The peculiarity of these people is that they consider harmful and makes you sleep poorly, so that barely a half-hour nap on the night. Instead of hating "Good night" they say "Do not fall asleep, snakes." According to writer and missionary Daniel Everett, who lived 30 years among piraha language of this population contains only seven consonants and three vowels.

They do not know any numbers, so I do not know to count, limit themselves to two concepts: "few" and "many." Two, three or four means for them "some" and 10 or 12 people mean "many" . Members of this tribe do not understand why I have to eat every day and have no care for tomorrow and in fact, according to Everett, they do not know what "tomorrow" or "today" and have no notion regarding "past" or "future". Also Piraha tribe members do not understand the concepts of shame, guilt or resentment.

Tribe Akuntsu

It is the smallest tribe in the world and one of the most isolated tribes in the Brazilian state of Rondonia. Its population also include only five people. For the first time it was in contact with this tribe in 1995, when it was composed of seven members. Tribal chief, Kunibu Baba, has around 70 years, the woman is Pupak (around 40 years), and three women aged between 23 and 35 years old. The only child born after 1995, died in 2000 during a storm.

It spread to the Amazonian forest on the border between Brazil and Venezuela, and has approximately 20,000 membered, living in about 250 villages. The peculiarity is that each village members live under one roof, called "shabono". These "shabono" have an oval shape and sleep here together all members of the tribe, which, solidarity population.

Yanomami have a very low salt diet, and therefore is the population with the lowest blood pressure in the world. Another is that only men are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages and herbs with hallucinogenic effect, and that only the parties.

Another ritual is the endocanibalism, the bones consume deceased relatives. The purpose of this tradition is to resume the ties with ancestors. The body of the deceased is cremated and his ashes mixed with bone meal. In populations Yanomami in Venezuela there is guy gay or bisexual relationships and incest is strictly forbidden and is punishable by death.

Living on the Andaman Islands, which belong to India and its population is estimated at 250-350 people. Anthropologists believe that members of this tribe are descendants of the first humans who left Africa. When a tribe member dies not bury him, but sat under a tree, and when he leaves only bones of men and bind them to the body, for good luck hunting.

The issues for this population occurred 15 years ago when he was "discovered" the disastrous contact with civilization. New diseases have befallen his younger when members began to leave the jungle so that people began to die from chickenpox and malaria. Also, people outside adopted vices, tobacco and alcohol.

7. Asmat tribe

Lives in a harsh environment on the south coast of West Papua. This group îndeletniceşte fisheries and sculpture. Asmat means homeless or forest. Its population is estimated at 70,000 souls. The tribe is famous for his art.

Following tradition, the tribes Asmat believe that death is not natural, being caused either curse or a gun wound. Therefore, any death of tribal ritual trigger a war in the past to punish neighboring clans.

Located in southeastern Papua and has approximately 3,000 members. They are considered to be among the last people in the world who practice nowadays even cannibalism. By 1974 the discovery of the tribe, its members had their homes in trees, but after 1980 they began to make their settlements on earth.

Korowai tribesmen are polygamous, but generally a man can not marry before reaching the age of 20 years, because it is impossible to buy a wife. Girls get married early, sometimes even 10 years.

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