Thursday, September 15, 2016

Space-time crystals may exist in reality. It is possible that Nobel Laureate in Physics 2012 have been right

If there were, these objects might be held indefinitely movements.

The crystals are structures hypothetical space-time performing movements though are in a state in which the lowest energy. This ability does not match the translational symmetry of time, but the researchers showed that it could prove the existence of natural elements first proposed in 2012 by Nobel Prize winner for physics, Frank Wilczek.

Four years ago, Wilczek and his research team at MIT suggest that it is possible that a crystal should be added a fourth dimension, time movement to make him behave like a clock. In other words, experts forecast creating an object that can conduct perpetual movements and moving each time returning to its state of minimum energy. Experts say so far that movement of an object in this state is impossible, but the Nobel laureate says this does not apply in the case of space-time crystals.

Physicists at the University of California claim that it is possible in theory to manufacture space-time crystals of a system of atoms, ions or superconducting qubits, quantum computers particles used in the construction. Researchers have tried, in fact, to find a way to produce crystal spacetime, but strove to demonstrate that they do not correspond to translational symmetry of time.

Translational symmetry of time is a version of the space-time symmetry, showing that the laws of physics are valid regardless of space or time. Specialists at the University of California claim, however, that the translational symmetry of time can be interrupted without causing side effects.

Using a simulation experts demonstrated how translational symmetry of time can be interrupted spontaneously in a type of quantum system known as ,, Floquet-many-body systems-driven localised. "Researchers have discovered that a crystal it can usually be turned into such a system and showed that it can exist without violating the laws of physics.

Through their study, the researchers showed that the temperature does not rise never studied object, even if it carries out periodic oscillations. Moreover, on the way that the system size grew continuously during reentry object required in the state of translational symmetry fall, which means that in an infinite system, this condition can not be achieved again.

Therefore, the translational symmetry of time can be neglected in the case of a space-time crystal as the temperature of the object that carries perpetual oscillations does not increase again. For this reason, the second law of thermodynamics is respected, and the crystal exists under the laws of physics.

,, Our work is doubly important. First, it demonstrates that translational symmetry of time can be broken spontaneously. On the other hand, it makes us understand better that the systems are not in thermodynamic equilibrium can exist in states that materials of this type can experience, "says Bela Bauer, one of the research team members from University of California.


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