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Tunnel of light "between life and death has found scientific explanation

A respected neurologist founded a compelling new theory about the experiences of life and death.

The experiences of life and death

Gillian MacKenzie remembers he was worried about his unborn child's condition when the world around them was swallowed up in darkness, except for one bright spot. It was aware that the task had problems and lost much blood during it, but he felt comfortable in that light.

"Initially it was a single point, and then I noticed that I was dragged toward him, he thereby increasing increasingly more. The brightness was so strong that I felt that I was in a tunnel" claimed it .

"I felt no fear when I was in the tunnel and immerse me in the light. It was not a very pleasant feeling. I can only describe as a feeling of trance" continues Gillian.

"Suddenly I heard a male voice shouting:" Gill! ". It was a voice very cute and I thought, 'Oh no, I stand before God, and I do not even believe in him." He asked me if I know who is and I replied: "Yes, but I'm afraid I can not pronounce your name." it turned out he had a good sense of humor, because chuckled upon hearing my response "resumed it.

Gillian's experience has happened many years ago, before the appearance of stories about the experiences of life and death. And today that it looks real feeling for Gillian, who suffered a haemorrhage during childbirth.

No one can know for sure, but scientists believe that about one in ten will experience between life and death, most likely during a cardiac arrest.

In general we see light, we go through a tunnel, we meet with a loved one or we will gravitate over our body, watching doctors and nurses trying to revive us.

Those who have gone through such an experience described this event as cheerful and thinking what has changed for life.

Most people think that had a flash and threw it on the afterlife. Often this experience strengthens their faith and lead to the disappearance of fear of death. For these people, the events seem real, lucid and valuable.

For them might come as a shock news that a respected American neurologist believes he can explain in terms of physiological symptoms totate experiences between life and death. These explanations will refute the ideas that the souls leave their bodies to make a journey in the afterlife and to return to Earth.

A neurologist provides scientific explanation

Kevin Nelson, a professor of neurology at the University of Kentucky, studied for 30 years experiences between life and death.

In his new book, he explained all the experience of life and death, his central argument involving REM (rapid eye movement). At this stage of sleep most dreams occur while the person sleeps has paralyzed body except the eyes, heart and diaphragm - the one that controls breathing.

Professor Nelson believes that some people are more sensitive than others to what is called "intrusion of REM", when the paralysis that accompanies REM occurs when a person is waking and is often accompanied by hallucinations appearing real.

The study led by Professor Nelson examined 55 cases of people who claimed to have had an experience of life and death. Of these 60% had experienced previous episodes of REM intrusion, compared with 24% of participants who were randomized.

"Instead of passing directly from the REM state of wakefulness, the brains of people who claim to have experiences between life and death, tends to combine the two states", explains Professor. This leads to positioning the subject in a state called "borderline conscience."

"Many people go through this state for only a few seconds or minutes, to pass the state of REM or waking. Being« borderline of consciousness ", paralysis, lights, hallucinations and time dreaming are normal. During a crisis such as cardiac arrest, this condition might explain what is known as the experience of life and death "continued Nelson.

In his study, Professor stressed that such experiences are encountered situations where borderline between life and death (such as trauma or cardiac arrest). These episodes have in common interruption of blood flow to the brain.

"Normally, 20% of the blood pumped by the heart to the brain. If blood flow is reduced and reaches a third of the usual amount, the brain remains active up to 10, up to 20 seconds before losing consciousness. The brain suffer injury, even if blood flow remains low for hours, "says the researcher.

"When blood is ejected from the head immediately before blackouts, tissue that is most affected is the retina, not the brain. When the retina is affected, there is a feeling of darkness that comes from outside to inside, and thus tunnel effect "explains Nelson.

"Light at the end of the tunnel can come from two different sources. It can be an ambient light - the light of a hospital room, which may be the only element recognizable when the blood is drained from the brain. Alternatively, REM system, which is known to activate visual system could generate an internal light that exists only in the brain ", mentioned Professor.

"Part of the brain associated with out of body experiences, temporoparietală region, near the area responsible for the sensation of movement." This could explain why people feel that a move during these experiences.

"Normally, this portion of the brain is involved in the REM, but in some cases, this system is not working properly, and during the transition to the state of REM brain can get some sensations of movement" added Nelson.

To explain the sensations of liberation of the soul and leave the body, Professor Nelson made reference to a study by Swiss neuroscientist Olaf Blanke. He and his team made an amazing discovery while preparing a woman for 43 years for surgery. This woman suffered seizures and the surgeon and applied a series of electrical impulses in the brain to detect where the problem comes.

Suddenly, the woman, who was conscious during the procedure, said he had an experience of leaving the body and was looking down at her. When the electric current has been interrupted, it was "back" into the body.

"Feels like the woman of being outside or inside of the body can be altered as simple as activating a switch to turn on or off a light bulb," said Professor Nelson.

The feeling of bliss could be explained by the reward system of the brain. During moments of crisis, the body eliminates a number of chemicals that causes a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

If during a hunting trip, the group was cornered by a predator, and people were sure to be killed would have had more chance one of them would be left behind without fighting to save other. Predator would spend time and energy on one person, it is easier for the rest of the group to escape.

During the experience of life and death, Gillian MacKenzie met his grandfather who died two years ago. It's said that gave birth to a boy - the right thing, but that would not have been where it knows - and he had the feeling that leaves his body, floating above him and he saw doctors and nurses how it operates.

It also noted that hovered over her husband and Hamish, who followed him in the corridors of the hospital, seeing as it gives him a phone to her mother.

"I was not scared, but I wanted to Hamish can announce that everything will be fine and I will return in a way back into the body," explained Gillian.

"I told my grandfather that they must leave and go back to take care of the baby and husband, but he I warned that I must have strong arguments to be allowed to go back into the body," continues Gillian.

During this episode, Gillian relived different times in the past, both good and bad, and had returned with a different perception over their lives. For example, she never forgave her mother for having left her boarding school and remembers that she cried when she left.

"Reliving those moments, I realized it was very hard for her to see me crying, but was not allowed to look back. I understand better the situation and I told my grandfather that I should return to share this new view of such problems and to help the others. After I came back, "said Gillian.

In the years that followed, Gillian became an adviser. "Before this experience I was intolerant people, but I've changed and I became a different person."

"You can come up with a rational explanation regarding this kind of experience, but it would be in vain. For us these episodes are real and have a profound effect on us and how we live our lives afterward. After this experience I ' gone any fear that ought to have in relation to my death and I think this turned me into a better person. you can call hallucinations, if you want, but they are part of our reality "said Gillian .

God's existence is denied by the scientific explanation of this phenomenon?

Professor Nelson said he did not intend to deny the existence of God or to diminish the importance of this kind of experience.

"There is a schism growing between those who believe that God is an anachronism and believes that all spiritual experiences are a dangerous illusion, and those who say that religion is the basis of their lives," explains Nelson.

"I thought it would be shown as a neurologist trying to explain the nature of spiritual experiences, not to make false theories. I treat with great respect such experiences because they are very important for those who had them. They can be considered the most influential experiences that could ever have to "continuous teacher.

"So I must try to explain in terms of physiological causes and ways in which these experiences, but I could demonstrate that they are not inconsistent with people's faith in God for the religious," he said.

"After all, who can say that this mechanism was not created by God just to give people comfort when they need it - when approaching death?" Concludes Professor neurologist Kevin Nelson.

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