Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The man who is married 107 women. '' What I do is divine. It is my mission and I will keep doing this until the end of life '

Source: Buzz Nigeria
Mohammed Bello Abubakar is one of the most controversial figures in Nigeria. Husband of 92 years was married 107 women, 97 of them still being wives.

Belo came to fame in 2008 when the papers wrote about his marriage to 86 women and 150 for children. At that time, Muslim clerics accused him of violating their religious rules. The man was put before a choice, 82 women are divorced or suffer the consequences, according to Oddity Central. He refused, claiming that there is no rule in the Quran that prohibit marriage to more than four women, and that every man should be free to marry as many women as he wants.

Belo was arrested at the request of the local court, but was released on condition to keep only four wives. The man ignored the requirement of the court and then was married to other women, reaching a total of 107 of which 10 wives divorced him. Despite his age, Abubakar says that he wants to marry again,, What I do is divine. It is my mission and I will keep doing this until the end of life ''.

Belo advises men not to follow his example as a husband,, normal '' would not do 10 wives. He says he has managed to control on 97 women using divine power.

The most incredible aspect of his family is that none of the members has a fixed income. The man does not work and does not allow any wife to work

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