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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A dog saved his master's life after the man fell on ice and broke his neck and spent 20 hours in the cold

Source: Personal Archive
His action can be described as a heroic act, a golden retriever managed to save his master's life after he fell on ice and broke his neck.

New Year's Eve, Bob, a man of 64 years in Petoskey, decided to go outside to bring firewood. Dressed only in a shirt, pants and shoes on their feet, the man slipped on ice and because of the coup could not move, notes Oddity Central.

The man began to shout for help, but his neighbor's house is about half a kilometer away, at that hour was not someone who could help him. Fortunately, his dog five years old came to help him.

Source: Personal Archive
,, I screamed for help, but the neighbor is at a distance from my house. By morning I lost my voice almost completely, but Kelsey (dog) never stopped barking. A barking for help and did not go near me kept me warm and kept me awake, '' says Bob.

Snow man remained paralyzed for about 20 hours at a temperature of -4 ° C. Kelsey has done everything possible for the man to stay alive, including was sitting on his chest to keep them warm. After 19 hours, Bob and lost consciousness, but Kelsey continued barking and yelling for help.

Source: Personal Archive

Despite efforts dog, Bob would be frozen in the snow if his neighbor had not heard Rick's desperate howling dog. The man was found at 6: 30 p.m. New Year's Day and was taken to hospital. Column injuries can result in permanent paralysis, but Bob was lucky, before the operation was warned that it might not be able to go, but the next morning he managed to move his arms and legs.

Bob and Kelsey are inseparable, they remain together even when the husband go shopping.

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