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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Is it possible for life to be an unintended consequence of our Universe?

Is it possible for life to be an unintended consequence of our Universe?


     I'm working on a theory for some time in trying to combine science with religion, looking for an answer to the question "What is the purpose of life in Creation?" Finally thanks to science and space exploration in the universe, we got all to agree on the fact that we are not the only planet that is hosting life. Einstein studied very much the universe, we know it all and came to the conclusion that it is too big and too complex, not be governed by something like a higher energy "From nothing you can not do something he was saying" Big Bang could not be created from nothing so simply out of nowhere and give rise to a complex mechanism so full of laws that creates (suns, planets, solar systems etc etc)In my opinion something above our understanding govern, lead, use, observe the universe,So helped by logic I suppose that we have solved one of the mysteries of mankind.

Of course, as in any mechanism at some point unpredictable errors may occur. From here starts a series of questions more or less strange ..

It is possible that life to be just an error in our Universe?

   The existence of life be allowed, because we can not affect, interact with the true purpose of the universe?In conclusion we feed from details provided by religion,religious books etc Living just a big illusion, (Heaven, hell, afterlife, judgment day etc) ?? When the Great Architect actually has nothing to do with us?I ask you now, there is perfection? Universe,Creation itself is perfect? 
If yes, then my theory is wrong.

  Or He sent (prophets like Abraham, Solomon, Jesus, Mohammed, etc.) on all habitable planets in the entire universe possible multiverse?From here another series of questions that lead always other and other questions.

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