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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ten bizarre sexual rituals around the world.

In contemporary society, gender is not much a taboo, and virginity is not preserved until marriage. At least that happens in the modern world, but there are isolated communities and tribes bizarre sexual rituals today are hundreds of years old.

Ten of the most bizarre sex rituals around the world discover them below.

1. To prevent sex before marriage, members of several tribes in East Africa, cos young lips and leaves only a small opening for urine and they can remove blood during menstruation.

2. In Ghana, a tribe requires widows to cleanse the spirit by spending a night with a stranger.

3. In South Africa there is a polygamous society considers taboo sexual relations during the day. Its members avoid, however, have sex during storms, or having had a nightmare.

4. Northeastern Siberia there is a community that you can ask daughters to a special type of leather pants to protect their virginity until marriage.

5. A bizarre religious practice appeared in India, Babylon, Arabia, Africa and Greece since the 5th century BC Some women dedicated themselves gods and goddesses of fertility. These sex with priests or those who came to worship these deities. It happens even in temples.

6. In some communities it is customary Nepalese brothers marry the same wife, thus being forced to divide the land. The wife must have but a well thought and spend time with each of the brothers to avoid any outbursts of jealousy.

7. A tribe in Papua New Guinea used to leave their children to start their sexual life from a very early age. The girls started to have sex for 6-8 years, while the boys waited until 10-12 years. Although sex before marriage was not a problem before the tribe, however, was forbidden for young people to share a meal before they become husband and wife.

8. In a community of Mangaia, a small island in the South Pacific, the boys begin their sexual life of 13 years. They have sex with older women that teaches how to last longer during sex and how to please young.

9. A tribe in Cambodia built special shelters for girls when they become adolescents. Different guys spend their nights with them until they find the pair. Divorce is illegal.

10. In a community in Brazil, males compete among themselves to convince women to have sexual relations by giving them gifts and fish

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