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Saturday, September 17, 2016

The story of the last witch ( Enriqueta Martí 1913 ) killed at least 40 children and drink their blood. More than that using human fat, blood, hair and bones of victims to make magic potions.

The police could not ever find out her secrets.

The early twentieth century, Barcelona was not just the city where you wanted to live. The number of inhabitants increased enormously compared to earlier periods and most of newcomers found their shelter in El Chino (now El Raval) neighborhood center at that time considered pornography throughout Europe. Sexual slavery, rape and disappearances were common and the most vulnerable victims were children.

Nobody would have imagined then that there is a downright macabre reason for little ones without missing ever be found.

At that time, Enriqueta Martí, a woman comes from a province known for witchcraft in Cataluña, Barcelona becomes apparent. At night, she prostitution and begging during the day, requiring them children they met on the streets to do the same.

Angelita was one of the girls that Spanish police were able to rescue them from the hands Enriqueta Martí (Photo:

Enriqueta Martí was born in Sant Feliu de Llobregat in 1868. As a young woman, Enriqueta Martí moved from her hometown to Barcelona where she worked as a maidservant and nanny; she soon turned to prostitution. In 1895 she married a painter named Juan Pujaló, but the marriage failed. According to Pujaló, Martí's affairs with other men, her character, and her continuous visits to houses of ill repute caused the separation. The pair reconciled and separated approximately six times. At the time of Martí's detention in 1912, the couple had been separated for five years, and had not had children.

When she was caught in 1912, the woman testified that selling children for pedophiles, but did not name any of its clients. At that time, Enriqueta said he forced a teenage girl 17 years into prostitution in a brothel Street ,, Sabadell and that helped "many girls to have an abortion. Although never recognized that he killed somebody, newspapers at the time an accused abducted and killed about 40 children in the El Raval district.

Enriqueta has not been judged for crimes they never committed. It was, however, arrested and spent almost 1 year and 3 months in prison. Cops have not found secrets ever since the afternoon of May 12, 1913 was killed by her cell mates. Soon, it was buried secretly in a mass grave in Cementerio del Sudoeste.

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