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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Prehistoric humans dismembered and ate the bodies of children


A recent study conducted on the basis of paleontological discoveries in Spain, sketches a picture "horrror" morals 800,000 years ago: analysis of bones found in a cave suggest that prehistoric oamanii eating dismembered bodies of children, including brain consuming.

Gran Dolina cave in Spain, contains a large number of fossil skeletal remains - animal and human - recently unearthed and studied by scientists from the Research Center for Human Evolution in Burgos.

Among the bones of bison, deer, mouflon and other animals, researchers have found the remains of at least 11 children and adolescents.

Bones gate signs of cuts made with primitive stone tools; There are also indications that some bones were broken to extract the marrow.

Ribs on the base of the skull bones of the victims had been decapitated indicate that; in view of paleontologists, this action was made to extract the brain, which was he part of the "menu".

The dating of the remains shows that this practice has been present for approx. 100,000 years, meaning that it was not limited to periods when food was scarce, but - believe scientists - was current in everyday life.

Human bones were found mixed with the animal, which was interpreted as evidence that it was not about ritual sacrifice with religious meaning.

The researchers hypothesized that this cannibalism was linked to conflicts between tribes; victims were mostly children, because they were much less able to defend themselves than adults.

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