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Friday, February 3, 2017

Freemasonry organization against President Donald Trump

article on US presidential elections January 20, 2017 

I m not from the US, still am watching closely what is happening there, simply because America, NATO is still the tip of the sword in everything that means balance and peace in the world. In a democratic world everyone has the right to protest and say their opinion. The problem is that many Americans are just manipulated by the media and these Hollywood stars "controlled by others,"and not only, my opinion is that everything starts from Washington D.C and who really control this city. To answer this question we must go back in time on 1753 when George Washington becomes Master Mason at only 21 years old, later on April 30, 1789, he became 1st President of the United States "Father of the country." 

Read This: From George. Washington to Donald Trump: All 45 presidents of the United States into a single page of History

From that moment Freemasonry organization began to accumulate more and more power, and still continue to do so even today not only in USA. I studied all maps of elections in America's history and I found that something's wrong with Washington D.C. Many elected presidents of America did not have the support of Wasinghton D.C, even if those who had the power remained in those territories. Many of them were assassinated like Lincoln in April 1865 by a Confederate sympathizer?? When we look at the 2016 elections won by Donald Trump we conclude that Washington D.C. and many of Masonic cities were against Donald Trump because he can not be controlled by them compared to Hillary Clinton ( I think that is a good chance for her to be a member of this organization as her husband Bil Clinton

With President Ronald Reagan at White House reception in 1987 Credit: wikipedia

The conclusion is that Freemasonry use all their power and all the people controled by them, including many of Hollywood stars and artists to raise people in the street and destroy the image of Donald Trump.

For the first time in the History of America is not how they want.

All article writed by me thank you

Congratulations to Donald Trump.

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