Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Discovery extremely valuable in a Mexican codex older than 550 years - PHOTO

A page from the Codex subject to analysis (Photo: livescience.com)

Codex dates from the middle of the sixteenth century.

One of the rarest manuscripts in the world was discovered while scientists were studying a Mexican extremely valuable document,,, Codex Selden. "This is just one of the few illustrated books that survived the Spanish conquest of Central and South America .

Using hyperspectral imaging technique, scientists have discovered under a layer of paint, many images that supposedly predate the arrival of the first ConQUIZtador on American soil. Codex where images were found was dated around 1560 and is among the 20 such documents made before and immediately after the Spanish colonization.

Image during investigations by the manuscript (Photo: bodleian.ox.ac.uk)
At present, the manuscript is kept at Oxford University. Researchers here with colleagues from the universities of Leiden and Delft, and now studying the document and argue that it is unique because it might help to unravel the mysteries of extremely important sites in southern Mexico.

During the analysis document, the scientists found similar characters with kings and royal advisers identified so far in Mixtec manuscripts population. The particularity of the new manuscript is that it depicts not only men but also women. In this regard, the text are shown images of warriors, but also of women very ornate.

Complete results obtained by British scientists published in the journal Archaeological Science: Reports.

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