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Monday, November 7, 2016

Longest reign in history. King Sobhuza II reigned 82 years and had 70 wives

Sobhuza was born in 1899 and when he was only four months, his father King Ngwane V, died suddenly. Sobhuza became the new king of Swaziland State.

By 1921, his grandmother, Labotsibeni, with his uncle, Prince Malung, led the people. Although its reign itself lasted 60 years, it theoretically occupied the throne for 82 years, making his reign to be recorded as the longest in history.

He ascended the throne in the true sense of the word at the age of 22 years. Before this event, he received his education at the state Swaziland National School of Zambodze, and Lovedale Institute, in South Africa. During his reign, and Swaziland's independence from Britain in 1968, at which time he was recognized as king and by the British government. Because Swaziland is a small country but has important mineral resources, the management of this area was extremely difficult, because of these underground riches only advantage colonial administration and the population was affected. Therefore, the înteprins efforts to change this situation.

Also followed the maintenance of good relations with the neighboring country, South Africa and Mozambique, which have a Marxist. King Sobhuza was innovative and open-minded in terms of politics, economy, foreign relations and any action that could raise living standards in the country. However, she supported all the traditional rituals.

Between 1920 and 1970 he had 70 wives and 210 children, and at the time of his death had over 100 grandchildren. Sobhuza died in 1982. Although his reign is the longest recorded so far, appeared theories according to which Pepi II Neferkare of Ancient Egypt or Goguryeo, the ancient Corr, had the longest reign.

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Source: The Vintage News

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