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Gold foil with spells of 2,000 years ago, found recently. '' It's a very important and unic discovery ''

Scientists have discovered in eastern Serbia a series of incantations engraved on sheets of gold or silver, buried along with the remains of people who died 2,000 years ago.

In incantations invoke divine powers both good and evil, researchers are still trying to translate exactly what is written on paper.

,, Greek alphabet is, that's all we know. The language is Aramaic, this is a new mystery of the Middle Ages, '' said Miomir Korac from the Archaeology Institute in Belgrade.

,, I deciphered the names of some demons related to Syria's territory today, '' added Ilija Dankova. Spells were discovered inside amulets engraved on thin sheets of precious metal surrounded by decorative symbols. Each sheet was the size of a pack candy, but his time was invaluable.

The archaeological site is located near the town Kostoloc today, belonged to the Romans between I and VI centuries AD, under the name of Viminacium. Researchers estimated that the artifacts were buried around the fourth century AD

Although this is the first discovery of spells in Serbia, researchers have seen similar incantations written on clay tablets in countries like Britain or Egypt. Spells were written for a person to have some benefit or be damned, people were buried with them to lead them either to demons or angels in the afterlife.

Usually links ,, were in love, ordering the man to fall in love, but there were dark spells such as: ,, Let your body become dead, cold and hard as the hub, '' said Dankova.

In 2006, one of the tablets was found in a grave in Leicester (UK) which date from the second century d.Hr, which required a god damned be a thief; ,, For god Maglus, the offender who stole his mantle Servandus be destroyed until the ninth day. ''

Dankova said these spells were buried with the deceased who suffered a tragic death, they considered these people found its soul ,, hard way ''. Mantras can reveal more about the beliefs of people who lived in Viminacium.

,, It is an important archeological discovery reveals how luxurious as was the lives of people in that area and how much believed in spells on the sheets, '' said Korac.

,, According to my knowledge, have not been discovered such incantations written on gold leaf, '' he added.

Bound lead tablets of magic inscriptions (300–500 AD)

There is evidence that the Roman Empire was going through a religious transition during the fourth century and is widely used both Christianity and pagan gods. ,, On the tablet appear different entities, both being invoked Christ and pagan gods. The transition to Christianity was slow, '' added Korac

The team is in the midst excavations until they finish digging and correctly analyzed the relics we can know more about this mystery.

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