Saturday, August 13, 2016

IBM developed the first artificial neurons

Made of conventional materials and readily miniaturized to nanometer scale for the future composition "artificial brains", created by IBM researchers neurons can be grouped into networks capable of transferring electrical signals in a manner similar biological brain.

The experiment conducted at a research center in Zurich included a network of artificial neurons 500, connect to simulate the interactions that normally occur in the brains of animals. But the real challenge was miniaturization artificial neurons on a microscopic scale without losing functionality and finding ways of getting to use only materials and processes well known.

According Go4It, while neurons organic use membranes acting as gateway to electrical signals, requiring a certain level of energy for activating version artificial suggested by IBM researchers replace this item with a barrier made of a mixture called GST (germanium-antimony -teluriu), already used as an ingredient in the production of optical discs. GST barrier function by phase change from the amorphous state (insulator) in the crystal (elctricitate conductor), and is started by heating that occurs at the application of electrical signals.

Similar biological analogue, provided with artificial neurons are activated when the GST barrier electrical load exceeds a predetermined minimum level, then self-resets to its original state non-conductors of electricity. Crucial to duplicate the functionality of a real brain, artificial neurons were designed to have a certain level of unpredictability in the sense that no barriers GST never return to exactly the same configuration after activation. Thus, interactions between neurons can never be fully predictable, the same "thought" processed by the neural network leading to "conclusions" vary by state in which the brain is artificial and previously processed information.

With these neurons, IBM researchers hope to create computers capable of mimicking how efficient parallel processing in the brain of living organisms encountered. Once overcome this obstacle, a greater challenge would be to create a "software" proper functioning parallel with unpredictable results not just compatible with existing programming languages.

Source: Go4it

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