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Sunday, August 14, 2016

2016 could be the worst year in history

Although it has not ended, 2016 seems to be one of the most turbulent years before.

Lately, more and more users put their social network following question: ,, 2016 is the worst year in history? ". I do not know for sure if so many negative events happened but so far seem to confirm this thing.

Refugee crisis, the increasing terrorism in Europe, Brexit site, attempted coup in Turkey, spread of virus Zika and increasing racial tension in the US are just some of the phenomena that confirms the theories of those who believe that since we are in the worst in history. Fears are even higher as Donald Trump seems increasingly closer to take over the reins of power in the US.

Throughout history, different years were proposed as ,, the worst of all time. "One of the most important examples is considered 1347, when the epidemic broke out in Europe known as the Great Plague ,,". For 3 years the plague killed a third of the population of the old continent, causing thousands of victims before the Asian territory. Another period considered to be devastating for humanity was between 1942-1943. Then Holocaust reaches its peak, the phenomenon is stopped only at the end of World War II.

Some argue that all the negative events that happen today originated in 1914, which is why it should be considered ,, the worst year in history. "This theory is based on the fact that World War I had as effects: the start of the Bolshevik Revolution, the spread of Nazism in Germany, triggering Holocaust, design and use of the atomic bomb, the explosion of warfare Cold and cloudy situation of Muslim states.

Stability emerged after the fall of the Berlin Wall was suddenly interrupted on 11 September 2001. Some theorists say that since then, humanity is going through another period of uncertainty, and 2016 as its peak.

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