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Top 10: Most evil scientists in history

Over time there have been scientists, researchers, scientists eccentrics who, driven by the desire to penetrate the unknown, have left humanity a vast and rich cultural and scientific heritage. Their desire to decipher the mysteries of hermetic life, up to contempt of their community, made possible the word "evolution" used today to describe people deep difference between the human race and other creatures that inhabit the planet.

10. Paracelsus (1496-1541)
Paracelsus has created in a very short time a reputation in medicine, astrology and toxicology. Very learned, driven by curiosity to decipher the mysteries of the occult sciences, it was characterized by exaggerated pride. The air of superiority that you display, including discussions with other scholars, have attracted a lot of antipathy. His contribution in the field of toxicology has been shown to be very useful, being the promoter of the idea that the doses are poison. Otherwise, used in small doses, some poisons could be used in the treatment of certain diseasesParacelsus has earned the appreciation and reputation because ideas and innovations it offered the community. In particular, however, it was thought that can create homunculi, little people, who once created, must not exceed the height of a foot that were suited to play the role of effective servants.

 9. Johann Konrad Dippel (1673-1734)

Born in Castle Frankenstein, the eccentric doctor who was known for bizarre experiments finally brought him fame. Playing the nitroglycerin, he manages to destroy a tower, but at the same time it discovers and medicinal properties. It was rumored about him that he had tried to transfer the soul of a corpse to another, but no one knew this with certainty. Among the extravagances of his, made some discoveries that proved to be very useful, including the discovery of shades of blue paint, that would be later known under three names: Prussian blue, Prussian blue or blue Paris and an animal oil, long used in medicine in the treatment of epilepsy.

8. Alfred Nobel (1833-1897)
This famous scientist may seem inappropriate in such a top, but one of the most used its inventions produced an impressive number of casualties and the list is still open. Discovering role in the manufacture of nitroglycerin dynamite, Nobel "gave" the world's first deadly explosive that had access to the masses. One of the first victims of his invention is even brother died in an experiment that took place in a factory. It was just the first victim of a long line of thousands. He always regretted his invention functions data that had initially intended to ease the process of construction. To wash their sins or to minimize them, founded the Nobel Prize, after reading the heading deaths, which is announced (in a pure confusion) that died "Merchant of Death."

7. Trofim Lysenko (1898-1976)
Although his experiments have resulted in mass deaths, driving its mistakes threw the Soviet Union a few decades ago about scientific research. Lysenko was director of the Institute of Genetics and was specialized in agriculture. His habit was to report only successes institute superiors that he was leading, its results are based on evidence irrelevant, incomplete files and total lack of any control on his part. Lysenko's abuses made in the name of science have led to long-term stagnation of the Soviet Union any progress in the field of genetics.

6. Dr. Jack Kevorkian (1928)
He became famous after she started to support end-stage patients rights to decide over their lives, going to face up to the law to support their cause. Eventually, Kevorkian was arrested, and in the process said it has assisted more than 130 patients dying. Imprisoned in 1999, he received a sentence of eight years and one of 10 to 15 years for second-degree murder when, in 1998 poisoned a patient 52 from Michigan.

5. Dr. J.Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967)

Headed the Manhattan Project, the group responsible for the creation and use of the atomic bomb, Dr. J.Robert Oppenheimer was a brilliant  nuclear physicist. Meanwhile, he was also a passionate supporter of communism, being registered in many communist parties on the west coast of America, recognizing that his image is associated with the communist movement. It was said to be horrified by the result of team leading. But a teammate shortly words denied it, saying that Dr. Oppenheimer J.Robert ideas often participate in the project, but its quality was that people knew how to instill confidence in what they do, creating a unique atmosphere of enthusiasm and competition which allowed the project to be completed.

4. Members of the Tuskegee study

For 40 years, between 1932 and 1972, the Department of Public Health of the United States has conducted an experiment that subjects who had 399 black people, mostly poor or uneducated, are in the final stage of syphilis. The point of the experiment was to obtain more information on the course of the disease, if it is not treated. The researchers understood very quickly that subjects can provide useful information only at autopsy, so great efforts were made to ensure that patients do not go to other places to get medical care. The program was discontinued in 1972, when it was made public by Washington Star newspaper. At first glance, it seems a classic case of racism, but this theory can not stand, given that many members of this research group were themselves black.

3. Dr. Sigmund Rascher (1909-1945)

Dr.Rascher was some of the scholars who have chosen to use their science to the detriment of humanity. Manat macabre curiosities, and it was a good time to offer and meet them during the Second World War. Doctor's infamous medical experiments in the concentration camp at Dachau included studies on malaria tests for drugs, hypothermia studies in which 300 subjects (a third of which perished) were forced to stand in the cold at high altitudes. Here, he developed cyanide capsules, which could easily be swallowed intentionally or accidentally. Ironically, this was to be the mode of his close friends, Hermann Göring and Heinrich Himmler, to commit suicide.

2. Dr. Mengele Josef (1911-1979)
Known as the Angel of Death, Mengele received in 1943, in full war, to oversee the selection of transport prisoners from the camp at Birkenau with the power to decide who was fit for work, who could be used as human guinea pigs and who it was sent in gas chambers.
Mengele's scientific interests were focused in particular on problems of heredity, watching many of his experiences demonstrate the superiority of the Aryan race.

They noted cases twins, supervizandu him especially after he was closing on them in special barracks. Many children in the camp were suffering from a condition called Norma, which is manifested especially in children who have a weak immune system and suffer from malnutrition. 

Mengele commissioned a Czech doctor to deal specifically with these children, convinced that the roots of this disease is racial inferiority. No midgets were not forgotten. It seems that his favorite Mengele, called pretentious by him "my family Dwarfs", a Romanian family was Hebrew, 7 out of 10 members were dwarfs. They had formed a troupe of circus before being sent to the camp, but they represented only Mengele abnormal peak. Even the "normal" were not exempt from curiosity macabre doctor, some people inject various substances in the eye to be color, others are amputated States, up to carrying on certain prisoners tests sterilization and treatment of shock, very few of which have survived.

After the war, he fled initially in Austria, then took refuge in South America, where he died in 1979, drowned following a heart attack. His body was identified after DNA extracted from his remains.

1. Dr. Shiro Ishii (1892-1959)
Vast medical knowledge and dedication to sudiu Dr. Shiro Ishii made that very quickly be noticed by his superiors and promoted to chief of the department for the study of biological weapons, belonging to a secret unit of the Japanese Imperial Army, Unit 731. it would remain in history as a place of horror, where the most unimaginable experiments were done, with live people as guinea pigs. In 1932 began the first tests in a secret project of the Japanese army. In 1936, Unit 731 was formed. Ishii built a huge complex consisting of 150 buildings occupying over 6000 square meters outside Harbin city in China, and to divert the attention of authorities, said the huge building is a water purification center.

Some of the atrocities committed by Dr. Ishii and his team included dissections performed on living people, including pregnant women. Prisoners are removed various States, which were then reattached to another part of the body, while others are frozen bodies, and then thawed to study the evolution of untreated gangrene.

People living were used as guinea pigs in tests with grenade and mortar fire or injected with viruses and bacilli, administered in the form of vaccines, to observe the effects of diseases inoculated.
They were initiated and research about the effects of untreated venereal diseases, and for that, prisoners, both women were raped and men to be infected with syphilis and gonorrhea.
At the end of the war, the US occupation authorities have guaranteed results Dr. Ishii immunity in exchange for his studies. It therefore never spent a day in the life in prison, allowing themselves to continue their studies in another lab.

He died at the age of 67 years due to throat cancer.

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