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Friday, September 9, 2016

Five bizarre details that decisively changed the course of history. What drug used Moses

Some events that occurred over time result from the actions that historians sometimes refuse to consider.

Throughout history there have been many legends that some details, seemingly insignificant, would have changed the world, as it was perceived before. But some coincidences which, however, can not be overlooked and which experts consider extremely important in the evolution of a particular event.

Here are some details that have marked the course of history, in a more or less significant:

Epilepsy Joan of Arc ( True Story of Joan of Arc )

Joan of Arc is known for having been guided by divine voices in his fight for the holy Catherine and Margaret. Numerous surveys conducted over time argue that Virgin of Orleans would have suffered, in fact, idiopathic partial epilepsy with auditory hallucinations. For now, experts can not confirm this diagnosis because, until now, were not discovered remains of Joan of Arc researchers to provide DNA samples.

The drug used by Moses on Mount Sinai

Scientists have shown that the famous,, burning bush, "Moses said several times in the Old Testament is, in fact, acacia, a tree whose leaves contain a hallucinogenic substance known as dimethyltryptamine,,". Researchers say that when the Prophet received the 10 Commandments on Mount Sinai, he was under the influence of the drug, especially because during the procession, he could see bright lights similar to those described in the Bible.

Sir Thomas Bludworth and Great Fire of London

In 1666 a large fire destroyed most of London. When was informed that almost the entire city was engulfed in flames, the mayor at the time, Sir Thomas Bludworth refused to engage,, saying that the fire can be extinguished even if a woman urinates. "In despite not ordered the fire to be limited, Bludworth remained in office until the end of his life.

Origin sufferings of Henry VIII

In the early part of his reign, Henry VIII proved a capable leader and undisputed. After going through two accidents in 1524 and 1536, his mental health situation (and beyond) was constantly degraded, and the monarch lost the capacity. Scientists claim that the trauma they suffered during tournaments King brought the disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy,, "and that would be the basis for all diseases that Henry suffered subsequently.

Horn and French Revolution

,, Great Fear "event known as the Great French Revolution catalyst remains to this day shrouded in mystery. No one could figure out what prompted peasants to turn against their leaders. However, in the 70s historians put the event to the fact that the rebels ate rye infested with fungus known as ergot,, "in scientific language,, Claviceps purpurea." experts say that ingesting this plant causes paranoia and hallucinations, in a similar way LSD.

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