Wednesday, August 10, 2016

If you read every day, you live longer! It has been scientifically proven

A study called "a chapter a day: Pair of reading books with longevity", conducted on a sample of over 3,500 people reveals that people who read books at least 30 minutes every day, live longer than those who do not read at all.

According to The Guardian, the study, published in the journal "Social Science & Medicine" analyzed patterns of reading 3,635 people, aged at least 50 years. On average, readers of books live nearly two years longer than people who do not read.

Respondents were divided into three categories: those who read 3.5 hours or more per week, those who read up to 3.5 hours per week and those who do not read, being considered factors such as sex, race and education .

Researchers have discovered over 12 years (the study), those who read the more chances of death were 23% lower, while those who read moderately lower by 17%.

Overall, throughout the study, 33% of those who died were reading, compared with 27% of readers, according to the researchers Avni Bavishi, Becca Levy and Martin Slade School of Public Health at Yale University.

"When readers are compared with non-readers in the mortality rate of 80%, non-readers have experienced 85 months (7.08 years), whereas experienced readers 108 months (9.00 years). Therefore, reading provided a survival advantage of 23 months, "write the researchers in the study.

Bavishi said that prolonged consumption of literature has a higher yield, but "even 30 minutes a day are beneficial in terms of survival."

The paper also associate reading books rather than magazines, with longevity.

"We found that reading novels provides a greater benefit than reading newspapers or magazines. We realized that this effect is because a book involves more human mind, offering cognitive benefits, thus increasing life," he said Bavishi.

In the study, scientists have noted that there are two cognitive processes involved in reading, which creates a "survival advantage". First, reading promotes "slow process, captivating read deep" cognitive engagement "appears while the reader make connections with material things, finds applicability in the real world and ask questions about the content presented."

"The involvement may explain why cognitive vocabulary, raţionaamentul, concentration and critical thinking skills are improved by exposure to books," the researchers stressed.

Secondly, the books "promotes empathy, social perception, emotional intelligence - cognitive processes that lead to better survival."

Although respondents did not specify the kind of literature read, according to the study, most likely they read fiction. Academics suggest that analyzes future could check "if there are other benefits from reading outside of longevity, if any similar effects after reading eBooks or audio that could be read in a manner less sedentary and if different types of cards generates different effects. "

Experts have concluded that "the benefits of reading books - longevity, especially - is not only interesting characters and ideas found in novels, but more time to read."

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