Saturday, September 17, 2016

This woman from USA could be the first person in the world that will not grow old. '' We made history '

Elizabeth Parrish (
She began to be subjected to a genetic treatment since last year.

Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of BIOVEA USA Inc., claims to be the first person in the world who will be affected by the effects of natural aging. Last year the company he leads laboratories, the woman was undergoing a genetic processes aimed at halting the depletion of muscle stem cells and appeared with age.

The experiment continues in the moment, and if the results turn out to be favorable, experts BIOVEA USA Inc. will be the first researchers successfully managed to apply a treatment telomere elongation in human subjects. ,, The therapeutic methods used today bring little benefit to people suffering from diseases occurring with age. Advances in biotechnology can enable us to improve this situation, and if treatment designed by us will prove to be effective means that we write history, "says Elizabeth Parrish.

Telomeres are DNA segments located at the ends of each linear chromosome. They act like shock absorbers of ,, "genetic material subject to degradation process appeared with age. During cell division, the telomeres are shortened so much that it can no longer protect the chromosomes, and these become non-functional. This is why we age.

To find out if the treatment has been applied successfully, specialists from USA Inc BIOVEA calculated telomere length in white blood cells of the patient (so-called T lymphocytes ,, "). In this respect, it was considered that telomeres that were great length ,, indicating the presence of young cells ". The researchers compared these cells often occur in people with age 44 (the age of Elizabeth) with the patient and found that telomere shortening the period of her cells had reversed 20 years.

Note that the treatment results have been checked so far only geneticists working in the BIOVEA USA Inc. Moreover, it can take months or even years until specialists BIOVEA USA Inc can say with certainty that the therapy developed by them is truly effective.


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