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Friday, July 29, 2016

Great Blue Hole, the most impressive place in the world for diving

Great Blue Hole is located near the coast of Belize. She became world famous Frenchman Jacques Cousteau once included it in the top 10 best places for diving.

Great Blue Hole Lighthouse reef is positioned in the center and was formed during the Quaternary glaciation when sea level was much lower than the current one. The analyzes carried out on stalactites formed around the Great Blue Hole shows that it was formed 153,000 years ago. When the water began to rise, the former cave was filled with water.

In 1971, Jacques Cousteau brought his ship Calypso, the area to discover the depth of the structure. Investigations have shown that the researcher is a karst, limestone, formed the rise in sea level. The terraces cave lies at depths of 21, 49 meters and 91 meters. Great Blue Hole initial depth was 151 meters.

It is a place known by divers as a oprtunitate good for them to discover new species of fish clear water.

Source: The vintage news

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