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Saturday, December 31, 2016

The strangest 25, NEW YEAR traditions in the world.

TRADITIONS OF NEW YEAR. In Denmark, all the dishes are kept unused until December 31

Also in Denmark, people climbed on chairs and jumping on them, New Year, to be lucky.

TRADITIONS OF NEW YEAR. In Ecuador, the New Year is marked by burning midnight crow scarecrows stuffed with paper. They are burned also and photos from last year, a sign that is luck.

In Spain, if you can cram 12 grapes at midnight in your mouth, you good luck in the coming year.

TRADITIONS OF NEW YEAR. In the Philippines, it comes down to money. They think that everything should be round, to represent coins and bring wealth. Round foods, clothes round everything to be round.

In some countries in South America, wearing colored underwear determines one's fate in the new year. Red underwear means that you'll find love. Gold means wealth, and white means peace.

TRADITIONS OF NEW YEAR. In Japan, ringing all the bells 108 times, according to Buddhist belief that this brings purification. It is also considered to be good to go into the New Year with a smile, because luck.

TRADITIONS OF NEW YEAR. Every year, in late December, the people of this small village in Peru are fighting with fists to resolve their differences. Next year start from scratch.

In Switzerland, the New Year is marked by throwing ice on the floor.

TRADITIONS OF NEW YEAR. In Romania, people throw coins into the water to get lucky.

In Belgium, people take seriously livestock animals. At least serious enough cows that farmers wish them a Happy New Year!

TRADITIONS OF NEW YEAR. In Bolivia put coins in cakes and whoever finds a coin has good luck next year.

In some parts of Puerto Rico people throw buckets of water on the glass to ward off evil spirits.

TRADITIONS OF NEW YEAR. French like things simple and delicious. Every New Year, they consume a stack of pancakes.

In Colombia, people carry with them all day suitcases, hoping to have a full year of travel.

TRADITIONS OF NEW YEAR. In addition to throwing buckets each other in Thailand, people with talc each other dirty gray.

In Chile, families spend the night in the company of dead loved ones, sleeping in the cemetery.

TRADITIONS OF NEW YEAR. In Ireland, people hit bread walls to ward off evil spirits.

In parts of South Africa, people threw furniture out the window.

TRADITIONS OF NEW YEAR. As expected, the frozen lakes in Siberia people jumping on tree trunks.

In Finland, people predict the coming year casting molten tin into a bucket of water and interpreting the resulting shape.

TRADITIONS OF NEW YEAR. In Panama, effigies of all those famous are burned as a way to start the new luck

In Scotland, the first person to cross the threshold of a house in the New Year must bring a gift lucky.

TRADITIONS OF NEW YEAR. In Estonia, people eat seven times a day, New Year, in order to ensure prosperity in the New Year.

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