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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Although it was a less educated man, he became one of the most influential scientists of all time

On September 22, 1791 was born British physicist and chemist Michael Faraday, the discoverer of electromagnetic induction. He formulated the laws of electrolysis, known as "Faraday's law of induction" (d. August 25, 1867).

Faraday was a famous chemist and physicist whose experiments English on electricity led to the invention of technologies that use electricity in various ways.

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Although it was initially a less educated man, and his mathematical knowledge were modest, Michael Farady became one of the most influential scientists of all time.

His experiments were those that made electricity have applications in technology. During his lifetime, Faraday rejected a knighthood offered by Queen. Modesty caused him also to give twice the title of President of the Royal Society of British.

Invenit Mundo It presents the main meanings of the day September 22:

1326 - The earliest mention ennoblement of a Romanian prince of the Hungarian king

1768 - died in Rome, Bishop John Innocent Micu Klein (Klein), fighter for the cause of Romanians from Transylvania. The remains have been brought in Romania, due to the desire of wills and buried in Blaj, on 16 October 1997 (b. June 24, 1692).

1873 - was born mathematician Dimitrie Pompeiu member of the Romanian Academy. It founded the school of mathematical theory of partial differential equations and mechanics. (D. October 7, 1954).

1919 - He died Ivan Vazov, Bulgarian writer and journalist (b. June 27, 1850).

1928 - Romania has ratified international sanitary Paris (ending 21 June 1926).

1934 - He died engineer and art historian George Bala; Anghel Saligny collaborated with the construction of Cernavoda Bridge; member of the Romanian Academy (b. April 24, 1868).

1975 - A mathematician died Enrico Bompiani, one of the founders of the International Mathematical Union, foreign honorary member of the Romanian Academy (b. February 12, 1889).

1979 - Israel makes a nuclear test in the Indian Ocean.

1981 - Official opening of the French high-speed train Train à Grande Vitesse (TGV)

1994 - He died writer and theologian Alexander Bardieru, born in Northern Bukovina. He wrote children's literature. ( "Barbel, barbel mischievous", "Norocel Thumb," "Tales immortal") (n.12 March 1913).

1996 - Dorothy Lamour died, singer and American film actress (b. December 10, 1914).

2001 - A Ukrainian died violinist Isaac Stern (b. July 21, 1920)

2003 - He died British journalist Hugo Young (b. October 13. 1938)

2006 - He died actor Edward Albert (n. 1951)

2007 - A Brazilian footballer died Bodinho (Nilton Coelho da Costa) (b. 1928)

2007 - died French mime artist Marcel Marceau (b. March 22, 1923)

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