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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It was first recorded the first conversation between two dolphins

A Russian researcher states that he first registered the conversation between two dolphins.

Two dolphins with a flat nose, called Yasha and Yana, were not interrupted each other during a conversation that was recorded by a researcher. Vyacheslav Ryabov said in a report that they had formed words and sentences through a series of pulses.

,, In essence, these exchanges sounds like a conversation between two people, '' said Ryabov. Joshua Smith, a researcher at Murdoch University, said more research is needed before experts can be certain that dolphins have conversations.

,, I think it is premature to conclude that dolphins use signals within a language similar to that of humans, '' said the researcher.

There are two types of sounds that dolphins use to communicate: whistle and crack. Using a new technique for recording, Ryabov separated non-coherent ,, impulses' that the two dolphins perform, theorizing that each sound is a word.

,, People must take the first step in establishing a relationship with tenants receive ,, '' intelligent planet by creating devices able to cross barriers that hamper communication between dolphins and humans, '' says Ryabov.

Smith report at least that, although the results are impressive, the device should be tested in the wild.

,, If you think about it, there are two animals in an artificial environment, where reverberations are a problem. ''

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Source: CNN

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