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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Is a skull, but whose? Beneath new annex school St Alcuin Montessori in north Dallas

While attending the excavations required the rise of a new annex school St Alcuin Montessori in north Dallas, USA, David Evans, an employee of an American company building, dug up last week, a skull mystery of soil that will be materialized project .

"We all know that belongs to a primate, just as we have no idea what kind is it," said Evans. The skull was found at a depth of 1.6 meters into the ground, measuring 15.24 inches in length and has a width of five centimeters. The bulk of its teeth, including canines every 2.54 cm long, they occur almost intact.

Dana Austin anthropologist from the Bureau of Medical Examination Tarrant, who analyzed the skull only from photographs, said that it certainly belongs to "an old world primates", possibly a monkey or a cimpanezu. Also Evans, who has consulted and other experts, believes that it could be the skull of a baboon. The dating was not done yet.

David Evans and colleagues also found near the skull and a small bone, apparently coming from the same animal, possibly as part of a femur or hip. The worker plans to sell the skull that will provide a good amount, but agree the possibility of keeping it as a natural curiosity.

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Source: NBC Chicago

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