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Saturday, November 12, 2016

A medicine that promises to treat Alzheimer has been tested on humans

Alzheimer's has remained the most common form of mental illness and is the sixth cause of death in the United States, but a viable and safe drug could not be achieved until now. According to the Alzheimer's Association di US, about 5.4 million Americans suffer from this condition.

But a new drug has shown that it can provide favorable solutions in terms of treating this disease, evidence that came to light after a few small studies. Moreover, it had no adverse effect on the participants in this study.

The drug, whose name is Verubecestat, target protein plaques in the brain in patients diagnosed with Alzheimer possibly face neurodegeneration. This has the effect that it is an inhibitor of the BACE1, an enzyme essential for the production of the toxic amyloid beta protein. By inhibiting the enzyme, this drug stops the formation of proteins or decreases the possibility that they group together. Drugs had earlier sought the same procedure side effects, such as liver toxicity or neurodegeneration. But it has not made any long-term adverse effect of mice and monkeys, and humans.

The final results of these studies are expected in 2017 and 2019, but this is not the only drug that promises to treat this disease, another called Aducanumab promises direct removal of the plates. Some researchers believe that they could be administered together.

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