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Friday, November 11, 2016

A mysterious sound from the depths of the sea, causing panic in a part of Canada. Locals desperate demanded military assistance

A mysterious sound seems to come from the seabed near Nunavut territory of Canada, and local hunters fear that the sound will ward off wild animals.

Described as a whistling ,, '' ,, buzz '' or ,, roar '' sound from the Arctic be heard for more than two months, and people desperately asking for help military. It is now conducted a thorough investigation.

Map of Nunavut photo:
The sound comes from a place on the seabed, Hecla and Fury Strait, near Greenland. In Nunavut, there are about 31,000 people, mostly Inuit, who are scattered over an area of 1,750,000 square kilometers, the area is the northernmost populated area.

Among the local traditions are hunted large mammals, such as seals, caribou and whales. Hecla and Fury Strait is often the main location for hunting. Locals say that this summer the animals in the Strait disappeared at the same time that appeared sound.

,, This passage is a migration route for Greenland whales, seals and ringed seals beard. In that area there were very many, '' said local government official, George Qulaut. ,, This summer was not any. It is one of the major hunting areas, both winter and summer, '' he added.

In general, when a new mysterious phenomenon that science can not explain any new conspiracy theories. Locals believe the sound is from sonar surveillance of a mining company.

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